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July 22, 2015

Learning to Live Minimally (2015 Update)

Minimalism, where to start

Hey there Kind Friends! Today I am sharing a long overdue update to my Learning to Live Minimally quest. While I don’t consider myself a minimalist, I’m trying to adopt a more frugal lifestyle where I appreciate and completely use up what I have while also taking more appreciation in experiences versus things. Part of that is minimalism but I do think the name I adapted for this quest a few years ago isn’t entirely accurate.

The short story is that this is still an ongoing project. Changing my habits so that I want for less and use products to the fullest has been a trying experience but having a smaller budget recently has definitely reinforced my need for it. My beauty clutter has easily reduced by 75% and that is insane for me to think about because honestly, it’s all still too much.

If you haven’t read my previous Learning to Live Minimally posts, I share a little update as to why I started this product in the video below:


My next steps include a lot of the same things I’ve already been doing. I still have a lot of beauty products that I haven’t finished yet, believe it or not. Some of them are going to have to head to the trash soon though as they can’t possibly still be safe to use after 4+ years.

I’m also trying to be really particular with my home decor. A big part of me wants to go shopping to redo my home office and other key areas but I’m going to try and hold off. I have all that I need, just because some of the furniture pieces aren’t as great as I’d like them to be doesn’t mean that I need anything else.

There are a lot of items I think we can tidy-up, especially when it comes to our media section of the house, but that may take some time for us to work towards.

I hope to continue to live within my means, to hopefully build back up my savings after my time unemployed, and to enjoy absolutely everything I have to the fullest. I’d also like to learn how to sew but that’s a totally different matter.

Do you have any frugal or minimalist goals? I’d love to know what you are working on.


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  • Hillarie

    I’ve been following your channel and reading your blog since a few months after you began your journey to live minimally. I’m so happy that you’ve been able to keep up with it! I’ve been trying to do the same… maybe not go to extremes in terms of minimalism, but just be happy with what I have. I have better uses for my money anyway (wedding, student loans, and saving in general).

    July 22, 2015 at 9:14 am Reply
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