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August 10, 2015

Why I Love Readathons

Readathons in 2015

Reading marathons, AKA readathons, are a heck of a lot of fun. Here are a few reasons why I love them and why you should check them out as well. Make sure to check below to also hear about how I did in the recent BookTubeAThon challenge and how you can find out about readathons you can participate in.

Readathons bring community to reading

In every big readathon there is usually a hashtag you can follow or a group discussion page on Goodreads so that you can interact and make friends with fellow readers. There is also even reading sprints guided on Twitter to help you reach your daily reading goals. It’s a great way to make reading, generally a solitary activity, into a big event where you feel connected to others in similar interest groups.

Readathons help motivate you to read more

By creating challenges for you to follow and setting a strict deadline, readathons encourage you to finally finish that book that has been sitting by your bedside table for ages. This is the same reason why I often set deadlines for my goals because telling yourself that something is due at a certain time is a big motivator.

Readathons help you learn about amazing books

If you participate in the community aspects of readathons, you not only make new friends but you also learn about some amazing books by following how everyone else is doing in the challenge.

And what is there not to love? Even if you “fail” at following the guidelines, you have taken a step towards reading more and that is amazing.

Recently I participated in the BookTubeAThon, a week-long event where there are seven challenges aimed at helping you read seven books.

Here are the two videos I created on my YouTube channel to go along with this event:

BookTubeAThon Days 1-4 Wrap Up

BookTubeAThon Days 5-7 Wrap Up

To find out more about readathons during certain times of year, check out this 2015 master readathon list from Little Book Owl. There is so many fun ones that I can’t wait to participate in.

I love reading because it takes me into a whole different world. What about you?

What are your recent reading favorites? Share them with me in the comments so I can check them out.


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