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October 27, 2015

Over 80 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas ?

Hi there Kind Friends!

With Halloween being this weekend (holy crap) and many themed parties on the horizon, I’m here to share with you over 80 Halloween costume ideas that can be put together in a matter of days. The majority of these ideas come from a collaboration with Andrea’s Choice and Cook1emonster (linked below) on YouTube but I’ve also added some relevant links to similar tutorials you can use as well as costume supplies from Amazon Prime, since they are about the only place you can order from online this week and still get the products in time.

So, let’s get started.

Pinable image:

Almost 100 different last minute Halloween costume ideas and DIY projects


Easy Last Minute Halloween Costumes:

  1. Hogwarts Alumni student (Easy DIY tutorial)
  2. Elderly woman costume (with white hair spray and a borrowed outfit and cane)
  3. Skrillex (wig, with fake shaved part)
  4. Katniss (dutch side braid and army inspired outfit)
  5. Kim Possible (green pants with a black shirt and gloves)
  6. Michael Jackson (there are many memorable costumes you can mimic here)
  7. Princess Leia (white dress with your hair in braided buns)
  8. YouTube video screen (DIY examples)
  9. Ninja Turtles (DIY examples)
  10. Cosmo and Wanda (pink and green wigs with a paper gold crown)
  11. Tooth Fairy (Lauren Conrad has a gorgeous DIY for this)
  12. Typical Tourist (Hawaiian shirt, leighs, big camera)
  13. Marilyn Monroe (any white dress, blonde wig, red lips)
  14. Satan or the Devil (any black or red outfit with drugstore horns and tail)
  15. Glowzel (make your own green lisptick by combining melted chapstick and green eyeshadow in a small jar)
  16. Cookie Monster (wear a blue dress and tape on cookie clip art onto the dress)
  17. Maklemore (How to dress like Maklemore)
  18. Elsa (blonde braided wig and a blue dress)
  19. Chocolate bar or candy bar (examples)
  20. Clark Kent (wear a superman shirt under your work clothes)
  21. Grumpy Cat (Grumpy Cat makeup tutorial)
  22. Disney princess (wear a dress in the colors of the princess, add a crown, and a nametag)
  23. Rosie the Riveter (flannel shirt, Rosie hair tutorial, and a red lip)
  24. Toddlers and Tiaras inspired costume (where an old princess dress from a previous costume, or just something very shiny and girly, along with a tiara and pacifier)
  25. Mario and Luigi (where red and green outfits with suspenders)
  26. Orange is the New Black characters (orange jumpsuit or scrubs)
  27. Sports player (sports jersey, black smudges under the eyes, and sneakers)
  28. Beyonce (tutorial from Elite Daily)
  29. Miley Cyrus (tightly wond buns and very little clothing)
  30. Minion (very cute costume DIY from Bethany Mota)
  31. Miranda Sings (red lipstick, ugly cat shirt and sweat pants)
  32. DIY costume shirt (write “costume” on an orange shirt)
  33. Where’s Waldo? (red striped shirt and glasses)
  34. Regina George (inspiration)
  35. iPhone 6s (pink dress, iPhone logo taped on the front or transferred using iron transfer paper)
  36. Audrey Hepburn (black dress and pearls)
  37. Starbucks employee (apron, slacks, taped on logo)
  38. Pumpkin Spice Latte (DIY from LaurDIY)
  39. Cereal Killer (wear a black outfit and secure cereal boxes to the clothing, carry a fake knife)
  40. Bootleg Wolverine (tape plastic utensils to your hands)
  41. Crazy cat lady (where a robe, curlers, and carry around toy cats)
  42. Mary Poppins (black dress, black umbrella, red lipstick, and a big bag)
  43. Powerpuff Girls (inspiration)
  44. Inside Out characters (tutorials for: Disgust, Happiness, Fear, Sadness)
  45. Cruella DeVil (tutorial)
  46. Red Riding Hood (large red cape of cloth and a basket)
  47. Nikki Minaj (there are many costumes you can imitate here)
  48. DIY 401 error costume not found shirt
  49. Mime (black striped shirt, white face paint)
  50. Sia dancer (nude leotard and a blunt-cut blond wig)
  51. Will from The Fresh Prince of Belair (inspiration)
  52. Strawberry (red dress, black seed marks with marker, and a green headband)
  53. Queen of Hearts (tutorial)
  54. Mad Hatter (buy a large top hat, where a crazy looking costume, bring playing cards and tea)
  55. Internet troll outfit DIY (examples)
  56. Sandy from Grease (black skinny pants, black tight shirt, ringlets, red lips)
  57. Farm girl (flannel, overalls, straw hat)
  58. Emoji costumes (happy face from LaurDIY)
  59. Victoria’s Secret model (where a silk VS robe and lingerie)
  60. Effie Trinket (tutorial)
  61. Peter Pan (green outfit and tights, carry around a fairy toy)
  62. Wendy Darling (blue dress and ringlets, maybe a teddy bear toy)
  63. Snapchar filters (Rainbow snapchat DIY filter tutorial)
  64. Wizard or Witch (easy DIY witches hat from felt)
  65. TJ beanie baby (animal onsie and a DIY TY tag)
  66. Steve from Blue’s Clues (blue striped shirt, khakis, a blue dog toy)
  67. Amy Pond from Doctor Who (my halloween tutorial)
  68. How to Dress as Doctor Who #9-12
  69. Kardashian’s (mimic their outfits and sleek black hair)
  70. DIY unicorn from LaurDIY
  71. 1 minute ninja tutorial
  72. A doll (skater dress with round red or pink blush cheeks)
  73. Robber (black outfit, black mask or beanie, a white pillow case with a money symbol drawn on)
  74. Decades costume: 20s makeup tutorial & fingers waves tutorial
  75. Decades costume: 30s makeup tutorial
  76. Decades costume: 40s makeup tutorial
  77. Decades costume: 50s makeup tutorial
  78. Decades costume: 60s makeup tutorial
  79. Decades costume: 70s makeup tutorial
  80. Decades costume: 80s makeup tutorial
  81. Decades costume: 90s makeup tutorial
  82. General pin up hair tutorial for vintage costumes
  83. Minnie or Mickie Mouse (dress and or suspender outfit with ears)
  84. Kitty cat (ears, whiskers, and a cute outfit)
  85. Biker chic (black outfit, leather jacket, temporary tattoos)
  86. Adam and Eve (green and brown underwear or dress with glued on leaves from the craft store)
  87. Baby (PJs, pigtails, and baby accessories like toys)
  88. Ballerina (leotard, ballet shoes, leg warmers)
  89. Vampire (black outfit, teeth, red lips)

Phew! It took over three hours to put this list together. I sincerely hope it helps you this Halloween.

Videos many of these costumes are in reference to:


A few other tutorials are linked above so make sure to click around.

Let me know other costumes I can add to this list in the comments! Don’t forget to also try alcoholic witch’s brew, it’s a crowd pleaser.

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