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December 1, 2015

5 Tips For: A Better Night’s Sleep | ad

how to get to sleep faster every night

Hello, Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you another post in my 5 Tips For series. There will be a new post in this blog series every Tuesday so stay tuned for more.

Today’s post will share with you five tips for a better night’s sleep, I know getting to sleep fast and keeping a regular sleep schedule is very difficult for many people so I hope this post helps you all.

This post has been sponsored by Dream Shields Sleep Masks, which is a product I’ve been using all month and highly recommend.

I hope this video helps get you to easy breeze sleepy cat status. Because honestly, cats have the right idea.

How to get to sleep faster - like a cat!

How to keep a regular sleep schedule:

  1. Lie down at the same time every night so that your body starts with time to understand a certain rhythm. As often as possible, keep your bedtime the same on the weekends as well. If you can’t do that, try to only change it by and hour or two.
  2. Have an internet bedtime. At the same time every night, put your phone and computer away so that your eyes can have some time away from the blue lights of your devices.
  3. If you need to block out light, use a sleep mask like the one from Dream Shields that gives extra room for your eyes and is a customizable size.
  4. Don’t do stressful activities in your bedroom, you don’t want to be reminded of anything other than relaxing activities in your bedroom. No work emails, no computer work. Keep your bedroom just for sleep, getting ready, and winding down.
  5. Take your TV out of your bedroom. Falling asleep while watching TV really keeps you up longer, even if you think it helps you fall asleep. Try it for a month! You’ll see you end up snoozing quicker.

Please do let me know any tips you have for a better night’s sleep in the comments so that we can all get a high-quality sleep.

Here are a few details and photos of the Dream Shield’s sleep mask. I really have been enjoying using it, especially with the extra contoured space it has for your eyes. Right now the product is on sale on Amazon for only $10. The product comes with a traveling case and ear plugs.

Dream Shield's Sleep Mask review

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips! Don’t forget to share with me your comments and sleep tips, so we can all get a better night’s sleep.

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PS. Check out how cute the Instagram photo turned out for this ad? My dog didn’t like being posed, but I love the result.

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