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January 10, 2016

The Year In Which My Life Will Change

2016 changesIt’s funny how chapters in life can open and close without a second’s thought. The tangible suddenly floating away in a cloud and the mist the rain leaves behind, twirling around you like a memory.

This is how 2016 will be for me and my family. It will close the door on old dreams, making room for new ones to thrust into the open. It’s beautiful, a little sad, but also very hopeful.

And while I can’t say exactly why this year will be different, I know without a tremor of doubt that it will be. That this year will test me in ways I’ve never been tried before and that it will break my bones so that they can grow back new. It will leave scars that will slither past my epidermis and into my muscles.

2016 will be a time of triumph, of tears, of promise, and I’m willing. Watching it all slowly come to be. While my initial thoughts on the matter were small tendrils, they are now fully forming and becoming something new.

Becoming this post, becoming my to-do list, becoming my drive, encasing my heart. It all starts now. I’m waiting.

No, I’m chasing.


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