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December 11, 2016

Autumn in Miami


Fall in Miami doesn’t involve changing leaves or adorable sweaters, it’s more of a humid mishmash of rain, frizzy hair, and reflection. I look forward to its subtle kiss of wind, what December will bring, and what lessons I’ll learn about myself and the world in 2017 as Autumn turns into Winter and Miami gets “cold” for a grand total of two days.

It’s almost upon us, resolution season. While goals are “my thing” – I have been having trouble keeping them lately. I’ll be joining the challengers pledging to be thinner in 2017, to be more of a #goalgetter, to make 2017 the best year ever since 2016 was both more and less than I planned all at once…

While the cynical may say “you can change your life at anytime of year, new year’s resolutions are for frauds” – I think it’s a beautiful time to find comradery. I’ll be looking for that Mommy support group, that new group of friends that’ll help propel me on those down days. I’ll be in that writing group, working on my manuscript. I’ll be in the gym that is my park next door, running until my heartbeat is in my ears and my sweat is trickling down my no-longer-perky breasts (Thanks breastfeeding!).


I’ll put check marks down my too-long to-do list. I’ll doodle a mandala or two for serenity. I’ll finally master that miracle morning and not sleep through my alarm. Maybe I’ll actually color in my Harry Potter coloring book or impulse buy The Selection Series coloring book (it’s just so freaking cute with all the ball gowns).

It’s a day by day thing, so while each day may not bring me a bucket full of joy, each day will bring progress and that’ll be perfection in and of itself.

Thank you Fall for the beauty. Thank you Winter for your journey. Hello Spring and all your glory. Summer, you know why I don’t like you. It’s not personal.

And then Fall again, my long time friend, until we meet again.

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