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February 28, 2017

Let’s Get Real, Having Any Hobbies is Hard AF as a Working Parent

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Yes I just said AF on my blog. Never thought I’d do that, but hey it gets the point across. Also, makes me feel like I’m trying to be trendy. Trust me, I’m not trendy.

It’s currently 12:41 AM and there is a baby on my boob, on and off falling asleep while eating. I’m doing my best to not fall asleep myself, because you know that’s a no-no, and rather than browse Facebook for another hour I thought I’d share a few thoughts here and actually be a little productive.

Having hobbies, even one hobby, feels impossible in my life right now.

I get up between 5-6 AM to get ready, feed the three pets, walk the dog, pack my lunch, clean my pumping bottles, make coffee, and then leave for work around 7. If I have any spare time during that period, I do the dishes or clean up dog pee. It’s glamorous. You can see how that all goes down in my morning routine video below.

Then I drive for almost two hours to work, thankfully during that time I can listen to an audiobook because otherwise reading would be completely irradiated from my life. I have a link where you can get a FREE audiobook. I get a small sum of money if you use my link, so thank you if you do use it, but you also get a free book so enjoy!

I work from 9 to 5, with pumping breaks in between, occasionally a food break. Thankfully there is often free food at my job. Other than the nice people, I’d say the food is my favorite part. I’m a little serious about that, or a lot, you decide. Then it’s another 1 1/2 – 2 hour drive home. More reading, yay!

At 7 PM I get to be with my baby. We have a whole solid hour together. It’s glorious and he smiles at me the whole hour.

Then I put him to bed and I have two hours for which “I can do what I want” which is such a lie. Those two hours are usually helping my husband with something, cleaning the house, eating again, and other “adulting” activities. I don’t really get to do what I’d like most of the time, but occasionally I can spend 30 minutes answering comments on my YouTube channel (I have a giveaway up right now, by the way, lots to tell you in this post!) or writing that novel I’ve been meaning to write for ages. Those occasional 30 minute sprints are amazing. My cherished time.

You may be asking, what do I do on the weekends? All the errands and other responsibilities I couldn’t fit into those two hours, of course. I haven’t serviced my car in probably two years, so that’s on that long to-do list.

Though I’m exagerating a bit, I do get maybe two hours to do what I want on the weekends. I just also have to remember I have a husband and a child, so those two hours typically become family time. I LOVE family time. We typically make pancakes or waffles from scratch on the weekends.

But I also miss my hobbies.

Case in point: I started writing this post two weeks ago.

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