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May 8, 2017

My Holy Grail Postpartum Skin Cream | Egyptian Magic Review

Egyptian Magic as a face creamLife post baby is… different. More stress, less time = Angry skin. Even angrier than before, and my skin is pretty upset a lot of the time.

Eight months later I finally found a product that calms irritation and keeps my skin plump all day.

It’s called Egyptian Magic and I first heard about it years ago on YouTube from several different beauty bloggers. I heard about it frequently enough that I added it to my Amazon wishlist… then forgot about it.
But after going from fancy bottle to fancy bottle without relief, I decided to try this budget option with great ingredients and see if it lives up to the hype I heard years ago.

And thankfully it did!

No more dry patches. No more greasy skin that is then dry again within three hours. With my sensitive and dry skin (extra dry since I’m still breastfeeding), this is a big deal.

Big bonus? I apply Egyptian Magic to my eyelashes as well and within a week they felt stronger and thicker. I wish I had taken a before picture. My lashes haven’t looked like this since college. I haven’t seen this mentioned in the other Egyptian Magic reviews I’ve read, so I had to spread that along.

Egyptian Magic for healthy eyelashes
To apply, wash your hands and then run your fingers over the pot until the cream melts into your hands. When you apply it to your face it feels greasy for ten minutes, then soaks in. I haven’t had any problems applying makeup on top of it.

Egyptian Magic ReviewEgyptian Magic Review
I believe this product is meant more for spot treatment of dry patches (like under the eye only or on elbows) but I just apply it all over.

Overall, I can’t recommend it enough! It’s a great price too, buy your own 1 oz Egyptian Magic on Amazon Prime for $14.99 (and it’ll last forever).

And if you are just riding a wave of happy deals, you can also get a free book on Audible with the link – All links in this post provide a commission to me if you use them, so thank you!

Did your skin change postpartum? How did you combat those changes?

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