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July 3, 2017

NaNoWriMo Essentials That Every Writer Needs


In the past few years I’ve really discovered my love for storytelling and now I work hard daily to make storytelling my reality and day to day. This true love became a part of my life initially because of the event, National Novel Writing Month. It happens every November, where people all around the world write 50,000 words in one month so that the world can read their stories. It’s called NaNoWriMo in shorthand, and now it’s my favorite month of the year.

NaNoWriMo has expanded to have two smaller events throughout the year, Camp NaNoWriMo in both April and July. In support of these amazing events where writing and creating is celebrated, I wanted to put together a short list of absolute NaNoWriMo essentials that will make participating in these writing events easier.

Camp NaNoWriMo

Writing Essentials NaNoWriMo Checklist:

    1. Spotify Premium – Don’t let a car promotion interrupt your fight scene. Plus, you need to skip music that doesn’t suit your scene’s vibe. They have a deal at the moment where 3 months cost only $0.99! Buy it for NaNo, then cancel if you aren’t obsessed.
    2. Headphones – One, for the above. Two, to get people to stop talking to you while you are writing.
    3. Some way to keep your writing with you – Either by using Google Drive so what is on your laptop is on your phone etc, or other apps like Evernote. Use something that is not a plain Word Document. Computers can crash, your work can be lost, plus, it’s not very portable across devices.
    4. A very understanding spouse/significant other – You don’t have time to hang out today or go on dates, you have to write chapter 10 tonight.
    5. Other writer friends – There is nothing more frustrating than people that think writing a book is easy. Follow your favorite authors on Instagram, as well as other aspriring authors and those just trying it out for the first time. It’ll be good to chat with them when you are in a slump, or just to look at their page for inspiration.
    6. A distraction free zone or a focus building app – I use the app Forest to keep me from checking social media. It has worked wonders this week.

And that is the gist of it. My basic needs to write. Plus, coffee helps. But I feel like that is just a regular life essential rather than a Camp NaNoWriMo essential.

How is your writing project going? Tell me in the comments. And if you are interested in my WIP, find out more about Ember Dragon Daughter.

NaNoWriMo Basics

Other things that are fun but not necessary NaNo Essentials:

  1. Pretty stationary – To write your goals on, duh.
  2. A new coffee mug that says you are the boss – Because you are.
  3. Comfy sweater – For all those cold nights in. Or for sloth life.
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