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January 9, 2018

Stop Procrastinating and Vacuum Your Car

Am I the only one that needs to stop procrastinating and do those small annoying tasks, like vacuuming the car, that takes only ten minutes yet you put them off for months?

Right, okay. Glad I’m not alone there. This reminds me of a book I read several years ago, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Why wait months with the hallway in the dark instead of changing the broken lightbulb? Just do it! I’ll have to re-read the book, it’s been so long and I think I’d appreciate it a lot more now.

Today we are breaking up my bimonthly goals into my week two goals for the year. If you missed my previous posts, read my Jan/Feb goals and my New Year’s Resolutions that they contribute to.

Don’t want to read about last week? Scroll down to my goals for week two of 52.

Before we get to my current goals, here is how I did in last week’s action items. It was a doozy, I’m definitely setting up fewer tasks for this week so that I can focus more on each individual task.

For the first week of January, I pledged to…


  • Figure out how to make my website more secure
    • I researched this and it’s difficult. If your blog has an https instead of http, how did you do it? I’d appreciate the help!
  • Make a list of all the characters in my novel and what features of each I want to cover in my story bible
    • Working on it, but it looks like this is going to be a two-week (or more) task.
  • Compile my feedback for draft 3 of Ember Dragon Daughter
    • Yes, but still a lot more feedback to gather from new readers. This will be on-going next week as well.
  • Update the Ember Dragon Daughter page to include our new social media accounts
  • Join Facebook blogging clubs to help market the changes to


  • Complete half of my Judy Blume Masterclass
    • I did this but sadly, I’m returning it. I know, I’m shocked too. It just wasn’t as helpful (to me, anyway) as I expected it to be.
  • Read one book
    • Yes, I read my sister’s WIP and it was so fun. Can’t wait to read more this year.
  • Reactivate my library card
    • I did! And I’ve already borrowed so many books.
  • Donate unwanted clothing to Goodwill in preparation of some changes to our bedroom
    • Yes and no. I donated clothing to friends and have the other bag of donations in my trunk. Hoping to fix that today.


  • Begin non-essential spending freeze
    • Yes, it’s harder than I thought.
  • Sign up for the Amazon Merch beta to begin diversifying our income
    • I am on the waitlist now and in the meantime looking at other similar programs on other sites.

Other wins for the week include going to the park with Jack, Jack’s first visit to the library, and working out three times. Overall it was such a fun start to the New Year. It was, of course, a bit stressful on some days but I can’t complain. I love to keep busy and work daily on my goals.

My goals for the second week of January are…


  • Continue to compile feedback and make plans for Ember Dragon Daughter draft 3
  • Outline my next Skillshare course
  • Update my Skillshare bio page in preparation for more courses


  • Take Canva related courses on Skillshare
  • Vacuum and move the dresser to its new spot so that our bedroom feels less stressful
  • Read one book
  • Attend one yoga class
  • Try to figure out what the heck is wrong with my printer (okay that’s not an official goal, but it’s annoying and I’m frustrated)
  • Vacuum car


  • Clip coupons for this Wednesday’s grocery day like I used too
  • Continue non-essentials spending ban

What are you planning on accomplishing this week? What are your action plans for the year?

Let me know how you put together https on your blog, I’d love your help! Comment below any advice you have.



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