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January 2, 2018

Time to Finally Donate the Bag of Clothes that has Been in my Trunk for Months

Guys, we can now break-in our 2018 planners! Do you know how pumped I am to use my new agenda? What planner are you using this year?

Since we’ve already talked about my New Year’s Resolutions and the bimonthly goals for January and February that are going to contribute to them, let’s break those monthly goals down into what I’m going to accomplish this week. Most of these goals contribute to the whole, along with a few small to-dos.

Yes, I like to get that detailed. How else do you complete goals without first breaking them into smaller steps?

Let me know how you are tackling your goals this week in the comments.

For the first week of January, I will…


  • Figure out how to make my website more secure
  • Make a list of all the characters in my novel and what features of each I want to cover in my story bible
  • Compile my feedback for draft 3 of Ember Dragon Daughter
  • Update the Ember Dragon Daughter page to include our new social media accounts
  • Join Facebook blogging clubs to help market the changes to


  • Complete half of my Judy Blume Masterclass
  • Read one book
  • Reactivate my library card
  • Donate unwanted clothing to Goodwill in preparation of some changes to our bedroom


  • Begin non-essential spending freeze
  • Sign up for the Amazon Merch beta to begin diversifying our income

Follow along on the journey.

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It’s a dozy of a list to start off with but I’m pumped to hit the ground running. How are you celebrating the start of the year?

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