Updated Morning Routine – Working From Home

rebecca kelsey sampson moring routine

A lot has changed the past year of my life. Working full time, moving, planning our wedding, getting a dog, now getting a cat. I have so many more responsibilities. Here I am today to show you what a productive morning routine looks like for me.

It all starts at 7 AM when I wake up to see my dog staring at me. I get up, chug some water, and get slightly more presentable before I head out the door with Mustache for our morning walk. When I’m not productive I’ll just take Mustache for a shorter walk and get back into bed to read. Currently I’m reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (for the first time since middle school) or some fanfiction. If I’m too tired for even that I’ll just close my eyes a little longer and listen to Audible (currently loving Game of Thrones).

After returning and turning off the Lorna Jane and Charity Miles (video on how Charity Miles works) apps I change my clothes. Today I’m working out so I just put on general workout clothes.

Then comes skincare and general hygiene. Currently I’m oil pulling (thanks for the tip on this Shannon Sullivan) to whiten my teethe and prevent cavities. While I swished the oil around my mouth I washed my face with a Bare Minerals cleanser, then applied Citrus Clear Moisturizer (c/o) mixed with a bit of Turmeric to help fight acne and inflammation. For my neck and chest I applied a Antipodes serum (c/o). Check out my last skincare routine featuring Antipodes if you are interested.

Then, I tamed my hair. Since I was just working out today and not going anywhere special, I braided my hair.

I normally only wear makeup one – three times a week. Usually when I’m going to wedding appointments, seeing family, or filming a video. For day-to-day life and quick errands I’m always makeup free.

Now onto some cleaning. Cleaning really helps pass the time and it soothes me nerves. The 20 minutes of oil pulling is finally up so I head downstairs and have breakfast. I love eating pancakes in the morning (especially Blogilates two ingredient pancakes) but today it’s just some cereal while I write in my planner.

To keep me entertained I’ll usually put on Spotify (especially the Coffee House playlist embedded below) or I’ll listen to Audible while I do some more housework.

Last, on a productive day I’ll work out. I always feel better about myself when I’ve done some sort of exercises. Today I focused mostly on stretching and strength training.

It’s 9:30 AM by the time I’ve finished all of these tasks. My morning is officially over and it’s off to work. I’ll change into “normal” clothes and get working on blogging, emails, and then work for omghow.com.

What does a normal morning look like for you?

BRB I’m Pinning


Recent Pinterest inspiration. I’ve been spending a lot of time there to wind down after work, along with listening to my new love – Game of Thrones on Audible.

Comment: What do you do to wind down?

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Small Target Haul

target ecard
Do you ever feel like you are going crazy because of the fact that you “have been so good” at keeping to your budget? I get like that every once in awhile. Since starting my Learning to Live Minimally goals in 2011 (where I decided I was going to makeover my big spending habits), my empties series, and since making my budget even smaller after moving – I’ve been doing great! Almost no frivolous spending. I buy only what I need and only if I have the room for it. I’ve also made more of a habit of de-cluttering and having garage sales.

But, every few months I feel like all this “being good” drives me crazy. I was never the kind of shopper that really planned out my purchases, I would just enjoy going into a store and browsing. I love browsing! I could be in a store for an hour and leave with less than five things. So now that I’ve been forcing myself to plan my purchases more often… it just gets annoying after awhile.

So for the month of June I gave myself a present. $30. It doesn’t sound like a lot but I was so excited this morning to go to Target with $30 to spend on anything I wanted, without putting too much thought into it. Now I can go back to keeping my usual budget. You just need to reward yourself every once in awhile, you know?

Here is my haul from Target, minus the candy and soda I bought. Hey, if I can buy anything I want – I’m going to get a few $1 candies.

small target haul

For weeks I’ve been wanting the Jergens natural glow tanner. I saw this video from two Summers ago when I was using Jergens regularly and I was so impressed with my tan. Now, let’s hope this $9 lotion lasts more than a month. It was the first thing I ran towards when I walked into the store.

burts bees hibiscus

Afterward, I immediately walked towards the Burt’s Bees aisle. I call it the Burt’s Bees aisle but their products really only take up about a quarter of the natural beauty aisle. I browsed a little bit before I ended up buying the Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm in Hibiscus. It really feels just like a chapstick but it has a gorgeous “your lips but better” look. Check it out above, along with my no-makeup face.

jewelry haul elephant necklace from target

Last, before heading to the counter to pay I took a look at the jewelry section. You may know from my brow routine and ootd video that I’m trying to get a little more involved in fashion. To my very happy surprise, I found a dainty elephant necklace! For $10 I got both an elephant necklace and a tree of life necklace (it was a two-pack). In the picture above I wore them both together but I’ll be wearing them separately in most cases. I freaked out a little because I’ve been dying to get this elephant necklace from dogeared and it costs over $50. What a great dupe! I wanted a necklace to remind me of my new website, Elephants Remember Love, so I hope it’ll inspire my writings.

The rest of my $30 I spent on candy, ha!

What would you buy with $30?


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