October Favorites 2014

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Hi Kind Friends! Before I get into today’s post, please read last night’s post: I’m Still Here. It really came from my heart.

Today I am going into my October favorites as well as how the blog is going to change this month for Wedding Week, participating in NaNoWriMo (more details on that coming soon), and a change to my Patreon account. Make sure to watch the whole video for all of the announcements.


– October Favorites –

  • DIY Floral Crown (tutorial coming soon)
  • Heel To Toe Foot Cream (cruelty-free status unknown)
  • Tiny pumpkins
  • Target bird decoration (I call him Fredrikson the Adventurer – he was only $5)
  • Duolingo.com – To help me learn Spanish!
  • Unlike a Sister – A Harry/Hermione fanfiction
  • NaNoWriMo.org – I’m excited to share more on this in the next few days!

I used barely any beauty products this month and instead focused more on experiences. I also pre-filmed three videos during the month that will be coming up in the coming weeks. Can’t wait to show you!

What were your favorite products or activities from October?

Conair Top Bun Kit Review

goody top bun

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am sharing with you a review of the Conair Bun Maker, AKA a top bun kit. I purchased this at Target for $4.19, plus 5% off with my Red Card discount.

For a heck of a long time I’ve been using sock buns… As much as I love the fact that I can use an old unmatched sock in my hair to give me a more voluminous bun for free, I wanted an actual bun maker that would match my hair. There is something weird about knowing there is a sock in your hair.

bun maker review conair

conair bun maker review top knot

The bun maker kit comes with four wide bun pins, a bun “donut”, and a hair tie. The instructions on the back recommend putting up your hair, putting the donut through the hair, moving the hair around the donut, and then pinning the excess hair around the donut.

HATE that method.

I don’t know why more instruction manuals for buns don’t talk about the “tuck and roll” for buns. Check out my previous bun video below for how to tuck and roll your hair into the donut. It makes for a much more voluminous and secure bun. Then I’d add two of the pins.


As for the donut bun itself, I love it! It has a textured feel that grabs onto the hair, helping said hairs stay in place. This bun maker is very easy to use and worth the $4 price. I kept my bun in for a full eight hour work day without a single problem.

Thank goodness for these bun kits!

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On omghow: How to Make the Perfect Top Knot

What is your go-to hairstyle?

Get Ready with Me: Sailor Jupiter Halloween Costume


Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you a fun Get Ready with Me video for my Sailor Jupiter costume. I was Sailor Jupiter in 2012 and I just had to bring out the costume again since Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this year.


Makeup products used:

-Eyeshadows from The Naked Palette by Urban Decay and Meet Matt(e) Nude by theBalm (c/o).
-Nude eyeliner and mascara by tarte cosmetics
-Pink blush (used under the eyes) is the Happy Blush by Physician’s Formula (c/o)
-Blush by mark. cosmetics

I also went with my hair down this year. In 2012 I wore it with my hair up like this:

rebecca kelsey halloween

For a more detailed tutorial on how to be Sailor Jupiter, check out this article I wrote on omghow: How to be Sailor Jupiter for Halloween

[My last video, just in case you missed it: The Tales of Beedle the Bard review]

What is your costume this year?