Fall Empties and Learning to Live Minimally Update

learning to live minimally fall empties 2013

Finally after months of storing empty products like a hoarder I had enough products to justify an empties post. It’s been months! In this post you’ll see what products I used up these past three months, mini reviews, and which of those products I would repurchase. 

The whole point of sharing the products I finish up is to get rid of my product clutter and help promote others to do the same. Too often I would buy buy buy rather than use what I already had. More details in my Learning to Live Minimally resolution.

Products I completed this past Fall: 

Perfectly Posh face maskBurt’s Bees Facial Cleansing TowelettesOrganix Keratin ConditionerPureology Sulfate Free Purifying ShampooCVS SPF 50COOLA SunscreenMacadamia Flawless Cleansing Conditioner x 2 – theBalm en root dry shampoo x 3 – tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes - 3 nail polishes – Neosporin Overnight Renewal* – oli body mist+ – skyn Icelandic eye cream – Philosophy Full of Promise moisturizer+ – mark Matte Chance – Freeze Arctic Lift Firming Neck Cream+ – Venus razor* – Coconut oil

Videos referenced in this video: 

Haircut vlog - WE GOT A PUPPY!My High School Experience (where I talk about working at Bed Bath and Beyond) - I don’t use shampoo (and no I’m not smelly) - Pamper Me FabulousVine.com Haul20+ Uses for Coconut Oil

As for my Learning to Live Minimally update, my main goal is to get all of my beauty products and have them fit into my makeup armoire. This includes all hair and skincare products as well. If you missed the video where I go into what I currently have to work through, I re-embedded it below. 

I also want to declutter my clothing and sell some of my unused items in garage sales (I’m happy to report my first one is this Saturday!). In regards to my home, I also want to use mostly eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands. It’s important to me that my house isn’t contributing to the earth’s problems.

Are you trying to minimize? What is your strategy?

I’d love to know how other people are working on being more minimal. 

+ = Brand animal testing whereabouts unknown or unclear.
* = This brand tests on animals. 
All non-tagged brands free of animal testing. 

My Makeup Collection + What I’d Repurchase

what makeup would I repurchase if I lost it all in a fire

There is something really exciting about watching makeup collection videos. I’m not sure why. I guess I’m just nosey. Either way, I knew I wanted to share mine with you guys but also give it a fun twist. Today I’m showing you all of my makeup products and all of my beauty products. Even further, I’ll be telling you my goals in regards to both and what products I would buy again if I needed to start over. Enjoy!

Items I would repurchase:

Dr. Jart Water Fuse BB Cream (Review) (or I’d try their Detox Label) - Urban Decay Naked Basicstarte Lights Camera Lashes mascara (Review) - Lush A Million Kisses - Glycerin  - Facial massage tools from Epcot - Nailtini Millionaire nail polishCiate velvet nailsMilani Fuschia nail polishWen Sweet Almond Mint Texture BalmMacadamia Oil Reviving Curl Cream -Macadamia Oil Healing Oil SprayCOOLA products - Coconut Oil

Reviews and videos mentioned:
1. DHC Cleansing Oil Review
2. Physician’s Formula BB Cream Review
3. How to make liquid soap out of bar soap
4. How I make my conditioner and use Henna

If you had to re-buy all of your beauty products, what would you buy? 


Amy Pond Hair, Makeup, Costume, and Nails! Halloween 2013

DIY amy pond doctor who costume hair and makeup

Chris and I have been really obsessed with Doctor Who…. that’s an understatement. In this post you will see how you can get my favorite character’s look for Halloween, Amy Pond, with things you already have in your closet!

We started watching Doctor Who on Netflix a few months ago and couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for the 50th anniversary episode next month! Amy Pond quickly became my favorite character, followed closely by Rose Tyler.


Video tutorial:


Create smooth and loose wave rather than tight spiral curls. For some of the episodes Amy had straight hair but for a lot of the episodes it was very loose waves. 

Products used: Macadamia Flawless Cleansing ConditionerMacadamia Healing Oil SprayConair Infiniti Pro Spin Air BrushConair You Wrap and Wave, Goody hair clips, Redken Forceful Hairspray


Amy’s makeup is always simple (except for that one episode where she was a rebel model…? I guess that is what she is like without Roary) with usually a pink lip and pink blush.

Products used:  theBalm Time Balm primer (c/o), tarte Maracuja Oil concealerMilani Light/Medium The Multitasker Face PowderNYX Eyebrow Cake PowderUrban Decay Naked Basics Palette in Walk of Shame, Venus, and Cravetarte Lash Primer (The Mascara Diaries review), tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes (The Mascara Diaries review), tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in AmusedNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo 


Amy wears a lot of leather or faux leather jackets with layers. Whenever she wore shorts or skirts she paired them with tights or stockings. Every day she also wore an eiffel tower necklace, I borrowed one from my sister in law Lina. All the fashion items were from Target, Forever 21, or JC Penney. She also wear flannel often. 


Originally I was planning on wearing Tardis nails but I didn’t think I’d be able to pull it off (I’m sure I would have messed it up) so I opted for galaxy nails. I did an easy version of galaxy nails by combining dark polish, a glitter polish that has both chunky and small glitters, and optionally silver dots. See the tutorial above to see the final look. 

What are you going to be for Halloween? Let me know in the comments!

The Mascara Diaries: tarte MultiplEYE Lash Primer

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tarte cosmetics white primer lash review

Today on The Mascara Diaries I’ll be reviewing and demonstrating the tarte MultiplEYE Clinically Proven Natural Lash Enhancing Primer. I got it as a sample when I repurchased my favorite mascara ever, the tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes (see this mascara on The Mascara Diaries).

tarte white lash primer review

Video demo:

I’m still working out where and when to film to get the optimum video. Let me know your thoughts on this video placement in the comments.

Here is a detailed picture where the eye on the left (my right) has the primer and the eye on the right (my left) does not. I made the photo black and white so you can see the detail more.

tarte lash primer review with video and pictures

Do you think the tarte lash primer is worth the price of $22? Would you use it often?

See more of The Mascara Diaries if you’d like to learn more about other mascaras and subscribe below to see my  videos on your YouTube home page. 


Celebrating with Banana Republic (Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir Review)

A press sample has been given and affiliate links are used in this post.

banana republic champagne wild bloom wild blue review

Right before our move Chris and I got a lovely package from Banana Republic with their new perfume Wildbloom Rouge (original Wildbloom) and a cologne for Chris called Wildblue Noir (original Wildblue). Chris was really excited to get a package too, he loves when brands think of him! Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are set to release Autumn 2013. 

To our surprise the perfume and cologne also came with four bottles of mini champagne. How sweet! We got two of each Pommery Pop and Pommery Pop Pink Rose. I preferred the Pink Rose but in general I didn’t find the difference between the two to be very substantial. We had two of the bottle before the move and the other two the day we moved into our first place. It was such a nice celebration. 

banana republic champagne wild bloom wild blue review 2

As for the perfume, I love it. I hate perfumes that are obnoxiously sweet (like my favorite from high school, Britney Spears Fantasy) and I strongly dislike “grandma smell.” The Banana Republic’s Wildbloom Rouge is neither Britney nor Grandma. It’s a happy balance because it has a smidgen of sweet and a dash of musky that suits the new 24-year-old-homeowner-version-of-me.

To be fair though, I’m not a big perfume lover. I think that changes my review because I’m honestly not incredibly picky with my perfume. Don’t you love my honesty?! All in all though, I would recommend this product. I definitely would have bought it after smelling it in stores if it weren’t given to me for review. 

Since I’m horrible at explaining things, here is the description from Refinery 29:

“In true BR fashion, the scents are crisp and classic, with a hint of urban edge. In the case of Wildbloom Rouge, perfumer Marypierre Julien of fragrance house Givaudan created a vibrant fragrance that opens with sparkling notes of clementine and bergamot, dries down to a magnolia and jasmine heart, and finishes with a moody sandalwood base — bringing what at first appears to be a youthful-citrus fragrance into more mysterious territory. “

What Chris has to say about the Wildblue Noir: “I haven’t used cologne in a very long time but this cologne smells so good that it makes me want to get back into using cologne.”

Refinery 29 quote on Wildblue Noir:

“In the case of Wildblue Noir, perfumer Jean-Claude Deville was inspired by a vacation in Maui to create a scent that mixed subtle aquatics and herbs with the fresh scent of sequoia trees, which are abundant on the island.”

Thank you so much to the Banana Republic for sending over these two products. They are all Chris and I use now. Wildbloom Rouge and Wildblue Noir are set to release Autumn 2013. 

What is your favorite perfume or cologne? Let me know in the comments!