Homemade Gifts

DIY dreamcatcher gift ideas

It’s a bit early to be talking about the gift giving season but it’s on my mind! I don’t know what to say. Above is a picture of a collage I made and framed for my best friend for her birthday. It was so much fun!

DIY gift tutorials I’ve saved to my bookmarks and some I’ve made myself:

  1. Romantic Candybar Card
  2. Homemade Fox Plush Pillow
  3. Totoro Doll with Felting Wool
  4. Kitty Cat with Felting Wool
  5. Pom Pom Rug
  6. Mosaic Vase with Egg Shells
  7. Valentine’s Gifts: Buy and DIY

I love homemade gifts because not only are they generally cheaper but they have a lot more meaning. I’ll be trying to make the majority of my gifts this year for those two reasons. I want to make sure I thank everyone who has been there for us… and save some money. Our Christmas budget is going to be really tight. 

In the comments below leave links for your favorite DIY gifts or home decor. I’d love to see them and add it to the list. 

Am I the only one thinking about Christmas already?

How to Make a Pom Pom Rug

  how to make a pom pom rug

When I first saw this pom pom rug online (it was all over Pinterest) I knew immediately I had to try it. It is so adorable! I’d love to also see this project done with only one color pom pom, that would look really nice. 

 Video instructions: 

Written instructions:

  1. Start by using an old t-shirt or an inexpensive fabric in the measurement that you want your rug to be.
  2. Gather pom poms and decide on a pattern. Glue them in that pattern onto your fabric.
  3. Enjoy!

It is a really great and easy craft. It does take some time so I’d definitely recommend it for a weekend project. 

What DIY have you been into lately? I’m obsessed with home decor projects lately.

More DIY projects of all kinds

How to Make Easy Layered Potpourri

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DIY easy layered and colorful potpourri

I got these beautiful flowers for my birthday from my boss Jen at girl-karma.com but they sad thing about flowers is they always die! (Imagine this in a very dramatic voice)

fresh flowers into potpourri DIY

My flowers were just too pretty. I didn’t want to stop looking at them. So, I made a layered potpourri (who knew it was spelled that way? I certainly did not).

After doing a quick Google search (trying both popery and poperi before realizing the weird spelling) I saw that so many people made potpourri a complicated process. 

For more advance potpourri where you bake or dehydrate your flowers (to ensure color and more fragrance) check out this post from save-on-crafts.

Now, onto the easy way.


  1. Have a beautiful flower arrangement that is near death that you are now willing to part with.
  2. Take them out of the arrangement and separate the petals from the stems. Organize these petals by color.
  3. Clean out the jar or vase that you want to use. The square vase I used came with my arrangement. You can use a bowl as well but it may not look as nice since the idea is the “layered” look. Make sure the item you pick is see-through. 
  4. Pick your pattern and consider the texture of your flowers. I choose purple, yellow, purple, yellow, blue. I put the blue hydrangea’s at the top because they had a really pretty texture that I thought would be wasted on any layer other than the top.
  5. Enjoy!

hydrandea potpourri

Now doing it the easy way means one thing, your flowers may not smell as good and they may not always retain that pretty color the older they get. I don’t mind too much though about the smell, I prefer potpourri for the look rather then the scent. 

Do you like potpourri? I love how they look in bathrooms. 

Thank you girl-karma.com for the beautiful flowers! If any of you haven’t joined girl-karma yet, definitely check it out! New and amazing things are coming to the website.

DIY Craft Organizer (part two)

Earlier in the month I glued together a bunch of  boxes and made a school supplies/craft organizer… but I didn’t finish it. Finally I decided on a color!

DIY craft organizer

It’s a little messy but I like the affect. It was inspired by this photo on Pinterest:



  1. Cover everything in a variety of nail polishes. Since I’m going cruelty-free I picked a lot of nail polishes that I purchased in the past and don’t want to support anymore. It smelled horrible for awhile and took about an hour to cover the area. 
  2. Cut out heart silhouettes and add on top of the nail polish before it dries. Add the heart pieces if you choose. To get a more interesting look I cut the silhouettes out of an envelope! No wasted paper here! 
  3. Once you’ve added all the designs you like, seal everything with a top coat! It makes a really nice shine. 

diy heart nail polish art

I made sure to let it dry overnight before using it. If you are more careful you could easily make this more refined and not as messy. I just like things more messy every once in awhile. 

If you’d like to see how I made the boxes you can read my initial DIY arts and crafts organizer or watch the video below:

What craft do you want to see next?

DIY Easy School Supplies/Crafts/Makeup Organizer

DIY cardboard organizer for crafts makeup or school supplies

My favorite kind of crafts are the ones you don’t need to buy anything for. For this DIY all you need is empty boxes, scissors, and glue (hot glue or super glue)! If you don’t want spray paint (like I will be doing eventually) you could also cover everything in decorative paper. 

Easy step by step instructions on video:

Written instructions:

  1. Arrange boxes into the design that you want
  2. Cut off the tops of the boxes if needed
  3. Hot glue everything together
  4. Cover with spray paint 

If you don’t want to use spray paint you can also cover everything with decorative paper before you glue everything together.

I’m waiting until we move to decide what color to paint this and my paper towel wall art.

I love making things out of basically nothing. What DIY ideas have you been wanting to try lately?