and a DIY Home: Anthropologie Inspired Tassel Garland


Anthropologie has some gorgeous garlands but the tassel one I wanted was over $50 – no bueno! So I decided to make one myself with items I already owned. Doesn’t it look great in my living room? If you are interested in my photo clothesline, I also have a DIY on that project.


1. First, gather your supplies. You will need: tissue paper of various colors (preferably of the same length), cord or string (I used ombre yarn), scissors, nails, hammer, and tape. 


2. I recommend starting by hanging up your cord or string. This will give you an idea of how much space you will need to fill. Keep in mind that your tassels will weigh down your garland so you may need to adjust. I put my string up with tape for this reason. 


3. To make the tassels, lay out a piece of tissue paper. Fold it in half. Again. Then again. Fold it one more time. 


4. Last but not least, fold the tassel in half again. This time, from the opposite direction. 


5. To turn this strangely folded paper into a tassel, make small cuts on the paper on the edge that is not folded over. Leave at least once inch of space uncut. 


6. Open up the folded tissues paper once and start twisting from the middle until you can form a loop.


7. Add the tassels by looping it around the garland. If you have trouble keeping your tassels in place, add some tape to the back of your tassels. It won’t be noticeable! 

8. Lastly, hammer nails where you want the banner to hang, take off the tape, and tie the string.

What home decor project have you done recently? What do you want to know how to do?


I’d love some more projects to do!

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DIY Fox Wall Art

diy how to make felt fox  wall art easy christmas gift

{Inspiration for this project by Maureen Cracknell Handmade}

This Christmas we made all of our gifts. It was both a financial choice and an emotional one. Making all of my gifts has been an idea of mine for years and I’m really happy I finally got to do it. Not all of the gifts went as planned and for a few people I could tell they weren’t quite into the idea but I learned a lot and really enjoyed the process. One bummer about making these gifts was that I couldn’t share them with you before Christmas. So here is one of my favorites of the gifts, my fox and bird wall art.

diy christmas gifts for animal lovers

Without further ado, here is how I made some of the wall art gifts I made this year. My personal favorite, the fox, was made out of felt! It’s an easy craft once you have an idea in mind.


  1. Felt
  2. Hot Glue (or sewing materials if you have patience)
  3. Something for the eyes and nose (I used black gems)
  4. Optional: Magazine or other kinds of paper to make the frame and cardboard for the backing
  5. Optional: Spray paint for the frame (I used gold)


  1. Find an inspiration picture. I can’t do any DIY without an inspiration picture. I just reverse engineer things and then tweak it, ha! This is my felt fox inspiration picture. It is also shown as the first image because it’s prettier then mine! Ha!
  2. Plug in your hot glue gun to have it pre-heat while you are getting everything ready
  3. Cut out all the shapes you are going to need for your chosen animal. For example, the background for the image, the body of the fox, the belly detail, eye area, and the little details like the tale triangle.
  4. Practice assembling the items in the order you’d like them before you glue the pieces together
  5. Glue everything together, including the gems for the eyes and nose.
  6. Optional: Make a magazine frame to hang the wall art

How to make magazine frames from DazzleDIY: 

I used the tutorial above to make the frames for my DIY fox wall art except I used only one magazine roll art on each side. Before gluing the frame together I spray painted the magazine rolls to be gold. I think that made it look much more professional. Magazine wall frames are really handy, I have a few on my family wall.

For the bird I followed the exact same general instructions except i used a permanent marker for the eyes and feet.

What is your favorite animal? Did you have a nice holiday?

I gave away the two frames above and I really want to make some for me when I have the time. They are so cute!

How I Decorated My Room (Blue/Calming Theme)

making a room into a sanctuary

A few days ago I finished decorating my bedroom, finally. Like I mentioned in the video below, this is the first time I’ve ever been able to truly decorate my room from start to finish. It sounds crazy but I’ve had to share my bedroom with my siblings for my entire life. I never got to have this experience! Even though I’m still technically sharing a room with Chris, he gave me free reign over the decorations. I was so happy to get started!

The main thing I focused on when decorating my room was how items would make me feel. Keeping as much open space as possible, having calming and earthy colors, inspiring messages, etc contributed to making my room feel like my sanctuary.

I also made a rule to not use my computer or have a TV in my bedroom. It just isn’t good for your sleep patterns.

Having curtains, I feel, helped my room feel softer. They are also much cheaper than getting custom shades, which we would have needed because our windows are odd shapes. 

To cut costs, I made a lot of the things in my room and accepted a lot of hand-me-down items from our family and from those that have passed on. You can see the exact items I made in the video above but it involved spaghetti jars, paint, old cards, gift bags, etc. There is so much you can do with very little!

Thank you guys for watching my new video. It has been harder for me to make them lately (running a household while working full time is harder then I thought it would be, to be honest) so it means a lot to me when you all take the time to read and watch my posts!

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Love you all! I have a lot of post ideas (hopefully) coming soon!

P. S. Meet my new dog, Mustache!