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September 14, 2017

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma Tree Damage

The largest hurricane I’ve ever seen just hit my home, Hurricane Irma. To say we got lucky this time would be an understatement. Seeing the damage to our apartment complex and our neighboring area, realizing that it all could have been so much worse if the hurricane had stayed on its original path… As a mother and provider for my family, it was horrifying to know everything we held dear could have been stripped away from us like the victims of last month’s Hurricane Harvey.

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May 25, 2016

How You Can Come #2gether4theChildren

It’s pretty obvious to anyone that knows me why I’ve suddenly had an influx of interest in children’s related topics. Becoming pregnant has helped me gain new perspective on all of the different causes that impact to our little generations, so when I started hearing more about #2gether4theChildren I knew I had to share their efforts.

#2gether4theChildren is a campaign for the Miami Children’s Health Foundation (MCHF), a fundraising branch of Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (formerly known as Miami Children’s Hospital). While this pediatric hospital is based in Miami, it strives to provide the best care for sick children around the world. You can read some of their highlighted accreditations and awards on their website, filled with stats about how they are ranked among other leading pediatric hospitals, but the most important thing you need to know about Nicklaus Children’s Hospital is how they are changing the lives of children everywhere.

We need hospitals like this, we need doctors that are willing to take that second, or even fifth look, to make sure that absolutely everything that can be done for their patients is being considered. Without MCHF and the funds that they provide to Nicklaus Children’s Hospital through donations, Gracie and many other children like her wouldn’t be here today.

You can help support children like Gracie and the dedicated teams that made her survival possible. Use the video prompts above to donate to MCHF (or donate here) and come #2gether4theChildren, even the cost of one take-out meal can change the life of a child.

And if an extra $25 is too tough to spare at the moment (it happens, I’ve been there), you can be an instrument of awareness by changing your profile photo on Facebook to include the MCHF heart in a beautiful pink heart filter using the easy to follow steps on

Spread the word, our kids need help.

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April 2, 2016

MBAF’s Influential Women of Today Event – Empowering Local Women

Influential Women of Today event

In February I attended a wonderful event hosted by the accounting firm MBAF called the Influential Women of Today, an event aimed at celebrating, learning from, and networking with some of South Florida’s empowering women.

Note: Original photos provided by MBAF’s Facebook page, re-edited

There were several key speakers at the event. It started with Marta Alfonso, a member of the MBAF team that held a really helpful presentation on being financially independent. Then there was a panel moderated by Ann Keil, an award-winning journalist for WSVN Channel 7. This was an informal Q&A style panel, where some questions were pre-selected and then the other attendees had a chance to ask questions towards the end.

Panelists at the event included:

MBAF's local women's empowerment event

Event organized by the MBAF marketing team: Wolfgang Pinther, Jennifer Valdez, and Valeria Sanchez

The financial independence presentation from Marta Alfonso was very helpful to me in particular, especially the tips about how all women should learn about current financial news (for example, reading three financial articles a day or even per week) and understand some of the basic financial information that impacts our life (like how social security works). Many of the tips were reminiscent of the information I read in one of my favorite self-help books, Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin.

The Q&A panel was also enjoyable, just learning how some of these really influential women got their start was a motivating piece in and of itself.

Dessert table at a local Miami empowerment event

After the panel, we all got to network with other event attendees and panelists while enjoying delicious hors d’oeuvres, desserts, and drinks. The weather was really chilly on this particular day so the atmosphere was particularly nice, especially since it’s rarely cold in Miami.

Overall, this event was a really great way to meet new people, learn about finances, and ways I can empower myself both professionally and personally. I hope to be able to attend more events like this in the future, thanks MBAF for the invite!

How do you like to empower yourself? 

My favorite way to empower myself is to seek out free resource guides on topics that interest me (like blogging, budgeting, and social media marketing), while also taking time for self-care like nightly stretching and reading.

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February 18, 2016

How CVS Is Changing the Drugstore Landscape

Last November, I was invited to a Social Media Influencer Series event called #CVSMeetUps in Miami, FL where CVS/pharmacy showed local influencers the great new work they are doing, rebranding the stores to be more than just a convenient place to buy snacks, but rather a health and beauty destination. It was a really enjoyable event that showed me how much CVS cares about their customers, so when I realized (to my horror) that I had actually not blogged about the event – I started putting together this post to share with you all the details.

First, I’d like to thank Delia Mooney and the other event coordinators for inviting me to this meetup – it was a really enjoyable experience and I particularly enjoyed their attention to detail when inviting me. They made sure to pinpoint on the tour things that appealed to my particular writing style and audience, the attention to detail they paid to each invitee was wonderful.

When I first heard that CVS was ditching cigarettes, before being invited to this event, I was ecstatic. I’m a firm supporter in lowering the rate of smokers and seeing that CVS was working to make this dangerous habit less convenient made me feel like they really cared. This event showed me all of the other health initiatives they were putting together and the whole picture became much clearer.

CVS and their new healthy options

The first stop on the CVS tour was their new health-food options, featuring a healthy corner designed to make grabbing a guilt-free snack easier. Sure, it still had some of the “fun” snack items like Dorritos, but the emphasis was on making baked, whole grain, and minimal ingredient items easier to find and more appealing – which I think they definitely achieved.

Health and pharmacy options at CVS

Then in the vitamin and health sections, we were shown some of their new CVS branded items to help customers heal and stay healthy at a great price, including cool new products like manuka honey infused items.

Natural and cruelty-free beauty options at CVS

The most exciting section for me, however, was the new beauty aisle. Not only have they expanded the product offerings, but CVS has added many natural skincare alternatives. I was drooling over some of these and almost stopped paying attention becuase I was making a mental to-buy list.

At this point, Delia was sweet enough to point out some of the cruelty-free options CVS was sharing, making note that most of my followers don’t use products tested on animals. I really appreciated her attention to detail.


The networking event afterward, at Bio Tuscan Grille, was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed speaking with other local bloggers. Delia even pointed out what food I was allergic too! Seriously, she was amazing.

CVSMeetUps event

And hello, to-die-for food. Any event with food is an event I want to go too. Seriously. Are you throwing an event with catering in Miami, FL? Reach me at my contact page.

I’m kidding.

Kind of.

CVSMeetUps Goodie Bag

To top off #CVSMeetUps, everyone that attended got a goodie bag of some of their new product offerings.

Overall, I was really happy to see everything CVS has been up too and I’m happy to be a loyal customer. Health and conveinance don’t have to be mutually exclusive, I’m happy to see CVS blurring that line.

What is your favorite go-to healthy snack? Can you get the ingredients at CVS?

I’ve been pretty obsessed with anything avocado lately. What about you?


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September 17, 2013

Having a Girls Day at ‘Pamper Me Fabulous’

pamper me fabulous fun day in miami

Last Sunday I went to a really fun girls day event called Pamper Me Fabulous. If you remember two years ago I went to Shecky’s Girls Night Out and the idea was very similar but this event was much more fun. I’ll explain why in a moment.

I found out about Pamper Me Fabulous from some really nice people at Rejuvenator. It’s a revolutionary shower head that I can’t wait to try. The sent it to me a few weeks ago and I’ve been waiting to use it until our move (which will be very soon). Make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook because they gave me a few extra tickets that I was able to use on subscribers, I announce these kind of things on my social accounts. Kate Victoria, who also lives in Miami, came as well but we sadly never bumped into each other!

Held at the Moore building:

moore building event

Vlog of the event:


Now back to the event! Pamper Me Fabulous is done several times a year at different cities. In the venue they have different local and online venders including both food, beauty products, gyms, photo services, and more. If you purchase a certain kind of ticket you get a goodie bag full of samples from some of the venders. Some of the items that were given out for free at the event that weren’t in our goodie bag was Anew wine. It was delicious and they have a great logo that I definitely found memorable.

My favorite part of the event was the ‘activity area’ where local gyms held sessions. Every half hour they alternated with different routines like yoga, zumba, and kickboxing. I

I wish I had a better quality photo of the items given to me at the event but I came home pretty late and honestly I ate a lot of the items already.

pamper me fabulous goodie bag miami

I only purchased one thing from the event, this beautiful ring from jewelry ring review dazzle disc

What I wore to the event:


Hair: Buns overnight for natural looking curls with Tresemme Touchable Curls*. Makeup: theBalm Time Balm primer (c/o), mark. Min-a-Real samples, Milani face powder, eyeshadows from theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude (c/o),  Urban Decay Naked palette eyeshadow colors, theBalm Be a Bombshell liquid eyeliner (discontinued), tarte Lights, Camera, Action (Review), Benefit Lady’s Choice Lana lipstick*, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain*. Outfit: Mostly thrifted or handed down items, shoes from Nordstrom Rack, necklace from Jewelmint (limited edition), purse from mark. (limited edition)

I really enjoyed it and would definitely go again. Thank you Rejuvenator for inviting me!

* = Tested on animals
c/o = given to me for product consideration