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October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween from Minnie Mouse (and Last Minute Wednesday Addams)

Happy Halloween Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you my final two costumes. I was originally going to be Sailor Jupiter this year (tutorial) but last minute I changed my mind. To last week’s party I was Minnie Mouse and to the casual party tonight I’ll be Wednesday Addams. Yeah, pretty random of me!

Easy Minnie Mouse:


easy minnie mouse costume

Dress: eShakti (c/o)
Belt: Candies at Kohls (c/o)
Ears: Disney World
Necklace: Jewelmint

coors' knight

Chris is the Coors’ Knight for Halloween. Cute and funny idea!

Vlog of me DRUNK as Minnie Mouse last week, that was a funny night:


I drink maybe only three times a year so whenever I do it’s almost a guarantee I’ll get drunk.

Make sure you are subscribed to my vlogging channel Daily Random Happenstance to see more vlogs. I rarely make posts to go along with my vlogs so you’re missing out on a lot if you aren’t subscribed.

Last minute Wednesday Addams:


last minute diy costume wednesday addams

I don’t have a high quality photo of this costume. I’ll add it in tomorrow if I’m able to take one tonight. Chris is still asleep so I can’t get full length photo from him yet. I’m going tonight to a party where most people won’t be dressing up so I wanted to be casual but also still feel like I did something.

Dress: Brandy Melville (From this haul)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Target

Vlog from this day will be up next week. In the meantime here is a quick video I did using the YouTube Capture app. The end got a little cut off.


PS If you are going to a party tonight, you have to make Witch’s Brew. It’s to-die-for!


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October 24, 2014

Get Ready with Me: Sailor Jupiter Halloween Costume


Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you a fun Get Ready with Me video for my Sailor Jupiter costume. I was Sailor Jupiter in 2012 and I just had to bring out the costume again since Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this year.


Makeup products used:

-Eyeshadows from The Naked Palette by Urban Decay and Meet Matt(e) Nude by theBalm (c/o).
-Nude eyeliner and mascara by tarte cosmetics
-Pink blush (used under the eyes) is the Happy Blush by Physician’s Formula (c/o)
-Blush by mark. cosmetics

I also went with my hair down this year. In 2012 I wore it with my hair up like this:

rebecca kelsey halloween

For a more detailed tutorial on how to be Sailor Jupiter, check out this article I wrote on omghow: How to be Sailor Jupiter for Halloween

[My last video, just in case you missed it: The Tales of Beedle the Bard review]

What is your costume this year?


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October 10, 2014

How I Dressed Up As Doctor Who & How You Can Dress Up As All The Other Doctors Too (Wow this is a long title and I’m going with it)


Today I am sharing with you a how-to I wrote on (my job has recently changed with them to Blogger Relations, let me know your blog in the comments) on how you can dress up as every one of the recent Doctors in Doctor Who, from 9 – 12. I dressed up as #11 (Matt Smith) last year for the premier of The Day of the Doctor and it was a huge hit!

Related: My Amy Pond Doctor Who companion Halloween outfit


{Deviant Art}

Doctor Who has taken the world by storm! If you are a fan of this Time and Relative Dimension in Space (TARDIS) traveler read this how-to to see how you can get one of his many looks from the past few Doctors.

For pictures (I found some really cool Polyvore mockups!) on how to follow these tips, follow my how-to on

The 9th Doctor


Doctor #9 (Christopher Eccleston) is probably the easiest to cosplay. All you need is a leather jacket, dark pants, and a dark shirt. You might actually be confused as not wearing a costume though…. So if possible get a Sonic Screwdriver or a “Hi, my name is..” sticker. Since Doctor Who is a really popular costume right now, I bet you can find a Sonic Screwdriver at Party City or any other local Halloween shop.

The 10th Doctor


Doctor #10 (David Tennant) is a fun costume to mimic! Who wouldn’t want an excuse to buy a trench coat? The great thing is, there are a lot of girly and flattering trench coats online these days. Wear a pencil skirt and jacket with a red tie and throw on your new trench and you are ready to go. Or, if you want to go even cuter check out the “Everyday Cosplay” line from Her Universe. They have an amazing David Tennant dress that mimics his look. Bonus, they also have a TARDIS and Dalek dress.

The 11th Doctor


Doctor #11 (Matt Smith) is my favorite Doctor! To get his look you really need three things: a tweed or brown jacket (great place to find one is at a thrift store), red suspenders, and a red bow-tie. The suspenders and bow-tie can be found at any costume shop for very little (maybe even in a magician costume kit if they don’t have Doctor Who). If you are in a pinch and can’t find one, check ebay. Another fun costume addition is a red fez but you won’t need one necessarily.

The 12th Doctor


The newest Doctor, #12 (Peter Capaldi), is a little harder to put together just because red lined jackets aren’t that common. You most likely will need to buy this on ebay or make it yourself with a sewing machine. The good news is the rest of the items will be easy to find. It works with just black jeans, white business shirt, and a dark vest.



What do you think of Peter Capaldi so far? I’m loving him!
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August 8, 2014

What’s in my Purse?

Purse Gif

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you another requested video, a look into my purse. There is something really fun about being nosey and looking into other people’s bags.

The purse I am currently using is from ThredUP. You can see me hauling this bag in my honeymoon clothing haul. My wallet is actually from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have a haul from 2010 showing it. My video was style was s different then!

If you are reading this – Let me know in the comments what the strangest thing is in your purse and/or if you also have a video or post like this.

I’m nosey! I love knowing what is in other people’s purses.

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August 5, 2014

Outfit of the Day: Wedding Dress Fitting! + My Extensions

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am happy to show you another fashion post. I really wish I had someone that could take outfit photos for me, that would be a lot of fun!

irresistible me hair extensions

The most obviously exciting part of my outfit is my hair extensions. I’ve been playing around with them for about a month now for special occasions and filming. They were a gift Irresistible Me (use code IrresistibleRebecca for 10% off!), at 140 grams, 14 inches, in the color Medium Brown. I didn’t have to change the color at all. It just magically blended in! I may do something similar to this on my wedding day.

Check out the full outfit in the video above.

Outfit Details:

  • Irresistible Me Hair Extensions (c/o, 140g, 14 inches, Medium Brown)
  • Kohls Cardigan (I only wore that in the house, it was too hot outside)
  • Necklace from Plato’s Closet (no identifying marks)
  • Romper from Plato’s Closet (tag cut off)
  • Flats from Payless
  • Purse from Plato’s Closet (also no tag)

If you are reading this – let me know in the comments what hairstyle you would wear on your wedding day!

Recent post: ThredUP Thrift Store Honeymoon Haul

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July 28, 2014

How to Make Money Selling Your Clothes

How to Make Money Selling Clothing
There are a lot of different ways to make some extra money using your old clothing. Sometimes you’ll grow out of  the items, other times you grow out of the style. Either way, these tips can help you get back some of their initial price. Check out a few of them below and click “edit” to add your own ideas on

  • The easiest way: Bring your clothing to a consignment/thrift store. My favorite thrift store is Plato’s Closet. You bring in your clothes, they pick what they like, and they give you cash! I’ve made over $70 this past year and a half at Plato’s Closet since I’ve moved and cleaned out my closet several times.
  • If you don’t have a Plato’s Closet near you, try It’s an online consignment store. You request a bag to be sent to your house and then when it is shipped to you, all you have to do is fill it up with your stuff. Send it back to thredup (they pay for shipping) and then they will send you cash for what they want. Everything else they will donate to charity or you can pay a fee to have it sent back to you.
  • If you can’t bring it to a thrift store or if they didn’t buy your items, you can hold a garage sale. Sell all of your clothes for $1 each and then you will clear everything out. $1 may seem ridiculous but in my experience, people aren’t willing to pay what something is worth at a garage sale. This also all depends on your neighborhood. In richer neighborhoods you can probably sell items for more, but still undervalue everything if you want it to sell.
  • Sell online – If you have something rare or valuable and want to get more money from it then you would at a thrift store or garage sale, sell it on eBay. eBay is known for it’s fashionable finds!
  • If eBay isn’t your thing, there are apps on your iPhone where you can sell clothing to peers. Apps like Poshmark and Threadflip are easy to use. Just upload a picture and name our price.

Enjoy your extra cash! What are you going to spend it on?

{Image: Cotton}

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July 23, 2014

Big Thrift Store Honeymoon Haul from ThredUP

ThredUp Review

Hi Kind Friends!

Today I have a special haul from an online thrift store, ThredUP. When they contacted me offering a gift card to their store, I immediately thought about some of the things I wanted for my honeymoon! Check out in the video below to see the items I picked up. I’ll be sharing more on my honeymoon in the next coming weeks.


I love thrift store shopping because it makes me feel like I’m helping the environment – and it’s often a lot cheaper! It’s important to me to help the Earth and buying used when you could have bought new is an easy way to do it. It’s also just more thrilling to know that someone else went on adventures with this outfit on like I am. Is that a weird thought? Maybe.

ThredUP is a great online consignment shop because they take in your items (most online thrift stores do not), they put a lot of effort into their packaging (Polka dot box?! Hello!), and they have a great return policy. You can also get 40% off as a first time customer which is unheard of for this kind of store.

The item I think I’m most excited about is my high waisted bikini bottom from ASOS. I’ve been wanting something like this forever! I’m very into the high waisted trend. Now I have three shorts, one pair of jeans, and a bikini bottom that is high waisted. My collection feels complete.

Update: I’ve been wearing the bikini bottom frequently and always get compliments on the bright color. It’s perfect!

I can’t believe I bought four items that were striped. That is pretty funny! I’m very interested in doing more fashion posts with these items. Would that be something you’d be interested in?