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May 3, 2016

10+ Free Mother’s Day Printables and Gifts

Mother's Day Free Printable Cards

I can’t believe this is going to be my first Mother’s Day! While there is no baby to snuggle with yet, this pregnancy thing is taking it all out on me (My feet have started to swell! Ah!) so I’m excited for a breakfast in bed this weekend.

Today I have a post in collaboration with KidzStuff, one of the companies I’m working with at AB&A Advertising, sharing some great last minute Mother’s Day printables that I know you all will love. I’m thinking of downloading the printable crown, just so I can show Chris how much of a queen I am this weekend.

Enjoy! Don’t forget to check out their Mother’s Day Pinterest board for more inspiration.

With Mother’s Day less than a week away, you may be thinking about different gifts that you can buy or make to show your mom (or wife) that you love her without breaking the bank. That’s where these gorgeous, free Mother’s Day printables come in. Not only do they show that you put thought into her gift, but they can also help enhance the perfect gift.

And for the moms reading this post, feel free to forward it to your spouse or kids. Don’t forget to include a winky-face emoji!

Here are 10 different printable Mother’s Day cards, gifts and even cake toppers (with a few different style options in each) to help you celebrate that special mom in your life:

1. Amy Locurto’s DIY Mother’s Day Printable Artwork and Printable Tags

This set has a chalkboard feel and would look adorable in a wood frame for a rustic or country styled home. This free Mother’s Day printable is available as a card, art-print, or a gift tag.

2. Alex & Co’s Floral Chic Free Mother’s Day Art Print

If your mom prefers a more elegant look, this floral art print with a gold frame will help class up her office or bedroom.

3. Lolly Jane’s Hand Painted Mother’s Day Art Print

While this has a similar backdrop to the first printable, the hand-painted look of these roses gives it a whole different vibe.

4. Oh Happy Day Printable Cake Toppers

Now that is a cool cake topper! This floral set could easily cost $10 or more and here it is for free. All you need to do is print it on sturdy cardstock, add it to popsicle sticks and place on the cake.

5. October Ink’s Simple Stylistic Cards

If your mom is interested in simpler stylings, these printable Mother’s Day cards feature gorgeous typography that lets the message shine more than the card itself.

6. Party Delights’ Free Printable Mother’s Day Coupons

If you are looking for a Mother’s Day gift for the kiddos to share, a staple gift for parents has always been the coupon book. They include a whole bunch of tasks kids don’t typically feel up to doing but will when their mom needs a little break. These cute coupons come with a nice girly print too. If you’d like a printable coupon set that uses less ink, this Mother’s Day coupon set is just as cute.

7. Lia Griffith’s Mother’s Day Printable Menu Card

Pretty much all moms love to relax on Mother’s Day and if your plan includes breakfast in bed, this free printable menu was made just for her. Not only does it add some sophistication to your setting, the extra effort will not go unnoticed. This set includes a Mother’s Day printable card, matching envelope and menu.

If you’d rather have your mom choose her breakfast menu, there is also this cute printable door hang where she can check off what she wants as if she were in a hotel.

8. Cool Mom Picks’ Printable Mom Crown

Who doesn’t want to be queen for a day? Show mom how much you love her with this adorable printable crown she can wear for the day.

9. Skip to My Lou’s Coloring Page for Young Kids

If you have a young child looking for a Mother’s Day gift, this coloring page is a great way to help them share how they feel. Once they add their mom’s likeness to the cartoon, they can answer easy questions about their mom to help them feel special.

10. Oh Happy Day’s Mother’s Day Banner

This banner is so gorgeous that you’ll definitely be bringing it out every year to remind mom how special she is. Just make sure to print on quality cardstock paper so it will stand the test of time.

There you have it, over 10 different DIY Mother’s Day gifts and printables for you to share with your mom or wife. We hope they help inspire you this year.

Didn’t find exactly what you were looking for, or would just like to see more options? Check out our Mother’s Day Pinterest board for new projects and gifts all week!

[Images in collage are from Lia Griffith and an unknown source]

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December 29, 2015

5 Tips For: Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions + Free Printable

New year, new me

Hello, Kind Friends! Today I have a fun edition of 5 Tips For that shares how you can make 2016 the best year possible and rock those resolutions you’ve been trying to conquer for years.

I used to be the resolution queen, but these past two years I’ve been having trouble making what I want for my future a priority – and that has got to change. This year I’m going back to my roots and making sure all of my resolutions fit the SMART goals system, as well as making weekly and monthly resolutions to help me reach my larger goals in an almost step-like process.

In this post and in the video below, I share with you a bit of how I’m planning on rocking my goals this year and how you can to.


What are SMART goals? SMART is an acronym for what kind of a goal you want to set.

Is your goal…

  • Specific
  • Measureable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

And here are some further explanations:

Specific: Is your goal specific enough? General goals like “I want to lose weight” are overly general, because then even one pound lost counts as a success.

Measureable: Does your goal have something you can quantify, or measure, to know if you succeeded? This could be passing an exam with a certain percentage, gaining or losing a certain body fat percentage, or any other quantifiable number.

Attainable: Attainable goals are ones that feel challenging but also in the realm of possibility. If a goal is too easy, it isn’t a motivator. But if your goals have a little bit of stress involved, enough to keep you working hard, then they are more attainable in the long run. Does your goal meet this criteria?

Relevant: For a goal to work, it has to be something you are both willing and able to do. Is this goal relevant to your current life (ie. will you be motivated to do it) while also being realistic to what you are capable of?

Timely: Goals with a time-frame are much more likely to come true because the pressure you have to meet certain criteria within a window of time is much more motivating than “someday.” Do your goals have an end-date?

Goals that fit all five criteria are SMART goals that you can make come true. If you want this shown in a more easily digestible format, with a few other easy tips to help make setting your goals easier – join my mailing list to get a free printable file on the SMART goals system. Your email confirmation will share with you the free download link.

I can’t wait to share with you everything I have in mind for the new year. You’ll probably be surprised by a few of them!

What goals do you have for 2016? Let’s talk about them in the comments, I’d love to check in with you guys.

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July 29, 2015

You Are Only 5 Steps Away From Your Dream Life

You can make your dreams come true. Free printable on
Living the life you have always dreamed… it’s not typically easy. Although my life is not one I would ever consider to be perfect, it really has been a dream compared to where I thought I was going to be 5 years ago.

Helping people realize the life they want to live, or feel like they were meant to live, has recently become so important to me. I know my blog may seem like a cluster of beauty reviews and random topics but when I think about the posts that mean the most to me, they have to do with helping others.

So I’ve created a free 5 step guide to living your dream life. All you have to do is sign up for my mailing list and the download will be sent to you within moments. If you think there are some ways it can be improved, please do let me know.


This guide isn’t going to get you to the life you want. You are going to get yourself there. This piece of paper is just a simplified roadmap to help you get started.

I wouldn’t call me life a dream life quite yet, but it is a dream compared to my past. It’s only going to get better with all the hard work I’m now putting into it.

We can do this.