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October 19, 2016

My First Month as a Parent

New parent tips for dealing with newborns

I’ve been a parent for 6 weeks now and boy has it been a learning experience. Today I’m going to share with you the products and practices that helped keep me and Chris sane during the month and half so far. This post has been sponsored by UPRIGHT, an innovative product that helps train your posture – which has been so helpful to me when it comes to breastfeeding.

Before I share these new parent tips, have you noticed anything different? Don’t you love the new blog makeover? I’m so happy to finally be in the 21st century now. I’ve loved my blog look over the years, but my site has never been easy to use on mobile so I’m glad to have upgraded.

Now, onto my tips. Don’t forget to comment your thoughts on both this topic and my new site. I’d love to know your opinion.

When you become a parent, suddenly your whole life and all of your time belongs to someone else and that is not an easy transition to make. Chris and I have had some trouble “shifting” our identity, so to speak. No matter how much you love your child, transitioning into a caregiver role changes you and that’s not always easy to cope with.

Here are the three things that have helped with the process.
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October 3, 2016

Amazfit Unboxing and Review

Hello Kind Friends, today I’m excited to share with you a sponsored look at the Amazfit step and sleep tracker. I’ve been really into wearable fitness jewelry the past few years, especially since my introduction to the Bellabeat LEAF, since these adorable pieces make me want to wear them and track my daily steps. Check out the Amazfit review below.

The Amazfit Moonbeam and Equator

As a mom to a newborn (He turned one month old yesterday! Wow I’m flipping out.) I have baby weight on the mind, but I know I need to help my body recover before I jump straight into working out again. Keeping track of my steps and making sure I take frequent walks has been the way I’ve been easing into things before I get the okay from my doctor to start running again. My dog Mustache is certainly enjoying all the extra walks! My Pokemon Buddy is enjoying the extra candy too… (Yes, I’m still playing Pokemon GO.)

Check out more details about the Amazfit below and see more in my video review…

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June 14, 2016

Simply Heaven Candles Review

Hello there, Kind Friends! Today I have a review of the two products I mentioned in my six-month pregnancy update (it’s actually almost time for my seven-month update, whoa), a lemon-scented candle and a lavender reed diffuser from Simply Heaven Candles.

This review has been sponsored by Simply Heaven Candles, but my opinion has not been swayed by compensation in any way. Check out the pros and cons of each product below.

all-Natural Soy Candle Review

Lemon Drop: Hand Poured Soy Candle Review

I love lemon scents, especially in the kitchen, so I was more than a little pumped to be getting this soy candle for review. With my pregnancy senses going crazy, I can smell pretty much everything, so the kitchen hasn’t been a great place for me to be if I don’t have a candle burning.

The pros of this product are it’s even-burning and long lasting flame. I’ve used this candle fairly frequently and it’s only half burned through, while in other candles I’ve had I believe in this amount of hours I would have already had to buy a new one. Thankfully the wax also burns evenly, so I don’t have any of those awkward wax dips or hollow middles.

The one con I’ve noticed so far with this candle is it’s undertone smokey smell. Chris doesn’t seem to notice this, so maybe it’s just my super senses, but underneath the lemon, I smell something similar to a campfire. It doesn’t take away from the lemon entirely, but I do think it detracts from the overall pleasantness.

Reed Diffuser Review

Lavender: Richly Scented Reed Diffuser Review

I tend to associate lavender scents with relaxation, probably along the rest of the world, so this reed diffuser was made for my bedroom.

The lavender smell itself is wonderful, and I love the presentation of the bottle for this product, but in the end, it doesn’t spread across the room as much as I’d like. I don’t think I have a big bedroom, so that was a little disappointing, however, I noticed the smell fills up my small bathroom well so I moved the product into that smaller space.

Overall, I would definitely purchase these products myself and try more from the candle line. I, in particular, would be interested in seeing how their fragrance oils and oil warmers measure up.

Thank you Simply Heaven for sponsoring this review! I am enjoying the products immensely.

Check out Simply Heaven Candles on Instagram to see more updates on their products and while you are on the platform, follow me as well.

See you all with another pregnancy update soon!

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December 9, 2015

How to Monetize a Small Blog – Book Review | ad

how to make money blogging

Hello, Kind Friends! I have a late-night post today on a blogging book that I think my fellow bloggers will all find very interesting.

I’m excited to have been given this sponsored opportunity to review How to Monetize a Small Blog by Luke Weil because I do think it is a great resource for newer and small bloggers that are looking into making money from their blog for the first time.

Luke Weil’s book is aimed to give the basics of different monetization methods so that prospective bloggers can have an idea of what they are getting into and what type of method will suit their content the best. What I enjoyed the most about this book is the matter of fact tone, where Luke describes the topics concisely as well as some practices that he doesn’t recommend. There is also several handy tips included, like a simple guide on how you should decide what to charge for banner ads based on your blog’s monthly traffic.

Specific topics covered in this book:

  1. Direct Advertising
  2. Sponsored Content
  3. Display Advertising
  4. Advertising Networks
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Branded Sponsored Campaigns
  7. Building a Mailing List

I was the most excited to read the chapter on mailing list subscriptions, which is something I’ve been wanting to build for awhile, but I felt like the information provided wasn’t enough for me. For example, what kinds of content does better over email? What software is the best to use? So while this book does give a good amount of general info, it isn’t a book that will answer all of your questions once you’ve already started blogging. More research is needed to really start the monetization process.

While How to Monetize a Small Blog is budget priced at only $0.99 on Kindle and $4.99 for paperback, the content it covers isn’t too hard to find on the internet with some targeted Google searching, so I would have hoped for more personal anecdotes or information on the history of Luke’s blog and how these tips would have helped him from the beginning. Basically, something more exclusive to entice me to buy the book.

My recommendations for bloggers interested in this book is to buy the Kindle version, because while $4.99 is inexpensive, the book is only a little over 30 pages – so I don’t think it’s worth getting a physical copy. The Kindle version, however, would be a nice convenient place to start for those new to the blogging scene.

Have you read any blogging books recently? Did you find them helpful?

Tell me in the comments: What is the best bit of blogging advice you’ve received?

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November 24, 2015

5 Tips For: Staying Hydrated | ad + giveaway

How to drink more water

Hello, Kind Friends. Today I’m sharing with you the second post in my new 5 Tips For series. If you missed the first post, check out 5 Tips For: New Writers.

In this video and blog post, I’m going to share the five tips that have helped me become more hydrated in these past few weeks. This post is sponsored by the Detox Bottle from LA Organics Detox and they have provided a coupon code for you all for the month of November, as well as providing a giveaway prize. To get 50% off of your own detox bottle, use the code rebeccaskindfriends on The giveaway rules are below.

How to drink more water:

  1. Tell people that you are trying to drink more water so that they can help remind you during the day.
  2. Have water with you at all times. It helps keep you from choosing other drinks when you are out and about, like soda.
  3. Have a water bottle that encourages you. Products that are both pretty and functional always work better with me becuase I’m more likely to use something that makes me feel inspired.
  4. Try flavored water. The Detox Bottle infuses fruit in your water to bring a refreshing taste but you can also try different flavor packets or powdered drink enhancers if fruit flavored water isn’t for you. The compartment to store fruit in the Detox Bottle is easy to take out if you’d rather now use it.
  5. Check your progress daily by checking off each bottle drank. This is one of the most important ways to stay accountable, check in with yourself often.

These five tips have helped me stay much more hydrated these past few weeks and my whole body feels better because of it! I have actually doubled my average amount fo water drank in a day.

How to enter the giveaway (open until December 7):

  1. Subscribe to my YouTube channel
  2. Like this video
  3. Check out The Detox Bottle
  4. Leave a comment on the video or blog post about health, hydration, fitness, or anything else you’d like.

I’ll pick a winner randomly after December 7th and send their information to LA Organics Detox. USA and Canada only.

What tips do you have for staying hydrated? What health tips have helped you lately?

Make sure to get your own Detox Bottle for 50% off this November using the code rebeccaskindfriends on

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November 6, 2015

Monthly Mystery Flower Deliveries – Bloomsy Box Review

Bloomsy Box Review

Good morning, Kind Friends. Today I’m sharing with you a floral subscription review, brought to you by a local business called Bloomsy Box.

Bloomsy Box is a monthly floral subscription service where you get a new set of beautiful single-styled flowers at your door once a month. The flowers you receive in each subscription are a complete surprise, which I think makes the experience more exciting.

They have three plans, a small bouquet for $34.99, medium for $38.99, and a large for $48.99 a month. If at any point you need to skip a month, it’s easy to do so, and if by chance you get a bouquet you didn’t like, they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you never have to pay for flowers you didn’t enjoy.

I received the medium bouquet this month, which brought 30 long stem roses in shades or orange, pink, red, and yellow. I imagine the number of blooms may change depending on the flower, but I was pleasantly surprised to receive 30 roses and have it not be the largest size available.

Beautiful floral subscription service

The florals shipped in a box, with the stems zip tied in place so that they wouldn’t hit the sides or ends of the box while in shipment. It came with a card sharing some care tips, as well as a flower food packet to add to your water. The shipping was incredibly quick, leaving me stunned to see the box outside my door only two days after ordering.

It has been about 6 days and the flowers are only just now starting to wilt, which compared to other flowers I’ve received seems to be about the average.

Overall, I really enjoyed having these beautiful roses in my home. This definitely seems like a fun subscription service to have, especially this time of year when everyone is usually more stressed over the holidays.

You can subscribe to Bloomsy Box on with just a few clicks. Check them out to give yourself a little treat this holiday season.

Do you purchase flowers online? Are you part of a subscription service? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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May 4, 2015

Derma Roller First Impressions

Dermarolling first impressions

Today I’m sharing with you my first impressions on a very unique skin tool, the Derma Roller System. If you haven’t heard of the Derma Roller before, it’s a rolling tool that uses 200 fine micro-needles to help bump up your skins healing processes. These little needles roll onto your skin helping to heal acne scars, clear pores, reduce wrinkles, reduce stretch marks, and even reduce cellulite. A more detailed (and scientific) explanation can be found on the Derma Roller Systems website.

I’ve always been really intrigued by the idea of this tool so when this sponsored product review opportunity came up on Tomoson (an awesome blogging tool that connects you with brand promotions) I happily applied.

How to use a Derma Roller

These micro-needles come in four different sizes, ranging from 0.5mm to 2.5mm. I used the 1.0mm system last Friday for the first time. According to the instructions I received, the 0.5mm needle system can be used a few times a week while any size above that can only be used once every three to four weeks. Since I won’t be able to use the product again for another three weeks, I thought a first impressions would be more appropriate than a review.

Healing acne with Derma Rollers

When I first looked at the Derma Roller, I was a bit intimidated. That’s a lot of needles! I tested it lightly on my hand before putting it on my face and I was genuinely surprised. It honestly isn’t very painful. It reminds me a bit of the pins and needles feeling you get when your legs fall asleep from sitting too long. Odd but totally bearable.

Video going over my thoughts:


So I gently rolled the Derma Roller over my clean face. The instructions say to follow these motions four times along the face:

How to use the dermaroller

After you complete the treatment you are supposed to use a nutrient packed moisturizer or mask and clean your Derma Roller by having it sit in hydrogen peroxide for 30 minutes.

After using the Derma Roller System

My skin did feel sensitive and it looked a little red after treatment but it wasn’t bad enough to be an annoyance. It really just looked like my skin had just been exfoliated. Since I did my first treatment during the day, I needed to make sure to also wear sunblock because these treatments make your skin more sensitive to the sun.

The Derma Roller System costs $50 and if it indeed does help me heal my acne and smooth my skin, it would be totally worth the price for me.

The only downside about the product is that I noticed four of the needles on my Derma Roller were bent. Out of 200 needles, four isn’t that big of a deal but it does leave me a little concerned as bent needles can be harmful to the skin.

Overall, I’m happy to be trying out this cool tool.

Would you consider healing your acne scars with 200 micro-needles?