January 21, 2012

Learning to Live Minimally


My fiance Chris and his sister Lina flabbergast me. Chris has a mechanical pencil that he used from 15 to 24 years old (all of my mechanical pencils get lost or break within a year) and Lina has shoes that she still uses from middle school (now she is in college). How do they do it? This isn’t an anomaly for them, pretty much everything they buy they use up as much as possible and everything they own is in pristine condition. I admire it so much.

Since I was little I’ve been trained to buy buy buy. When something is on sale, buy 12 (even if you don’t like the product that much). If I see a gorgeous nail polish I should buy it even though I have two polishes along the same shade range already. Clearly, I need more then five similar eyeshadow sets even though I barely wear eyeshadow. I’ve never known anything else.

That is just stupid behavior. I have been so wasteful my whole life! Starting in 2011 I have been making strides to change my spending habits and how I use my products.

I’m going to do my best to live more minimally. I’ll be finishing up all the current products I have before I purchase more items in that same category. I’ll find alternative uses for items I have stored up.

Then, I’ll have to learn how to deal with only one or two products in each category. I can’t have all of this junk! Hopefully I can find a lot of multi-use products as well to minimize the space I need.

My minimal journey has started as more of a way to produce less waste and to want less. Each minimal journey is different, embrace yours.

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For everyone interested in being more minimal and helpful to the world, I also recommend buying furniture used through garage sales (80-90% of my home is filled with garage sale finds or hand-me-downs) and purchasing clothing through services like ThredUp and Plato’s Closet.

It’s a work in progress.