My Sad Goodbye to Birchbox

Dear Birchbox,

I joined your $10 a month beauty subscription service (awesome deal, by the way) with a one year subscription in December of 2010. It was a Christmas gift from my Mother that I requested after watching a review of Birchbox from MissGlamorazzi. I immediately fell in love with the service and when my subscription ran out I requested that my fiance buy me another year for Christmas of 2011. Two full years of Christmas presents every month, what a dream!

Sadly though, my subscription has come to an end and I will not be renewing.

It’s not entirely your fault, Birchbox. I legitimately love you (your two year anniversary celebration video was beyond amazing, I’ve embedded it below) and am very sad to leave.

It isn’t a customer service issue, it’s a change in my life. I am now a cruelty-free blogger. This decision was hard for me to make (I talk about it more here). Since Birchbox isn’t only cruelty-free brands, I feel quilty about trying products from brands I’ll never support. Also, with my Learning to Live Minimally resolution, trying new samples every month isn’t in my best interests (though I probably would have still stayed, I love you that much). I have also left Ipsy/MyGlam for the same reasons, though I don’t feel the same remorse because no brand or service has ever been as fun to me as you Birchbox.

This goodbye letter also serves as a plee. If you ever make a cruelty-free option, tweet me right away! I would sign up without a moments hesitation. Even if it were $20 a month! I really think there is a market for a cruelty-free Birchbox-like subscription. We need chic and glam products too! I’ve tried other cruelty-free services like Conscious Box and Eco-Emi but the joy I felt with my first boxes were short lived. I unsubscribed from both within the first few months. No other subscription service is as good as you. No one is as chic and no one creates the same sense of community.

So, this is my goodbye. I can’t guarantee I won’t be using your general shop every now and again (the Birchbox branded items are addictive,  you can see a handful of the ones I own below) but sadly, I have received my last box.

Goodbye my love! Cue some dramatic music here.


DIY Cloth Face Mask

I’m a huge fan of cloth or cotton face masks. I was using a bunch of them from myfaceworks but the brand shut down and now the only place you can buy them is  (and occasionally Hautelook) and I’m sure they must be running out. 

So, I decided to give making my own masks a try. They don’t feel as good and aren’t as beneficial as the real deal but they will do until I find another brand I like. 

Step by step instructions are in the video above. 


  1. Pen and pencil
  2. Paper towels 
  3. Scrap paper for the template
  4. Scissors
  5. Plastic bag to store it in
  6. Ingredients you’d like to use (I use Aloe, if you can’t find it at your grocery store you can buy a similar one online here)

Do you like DIY projects? I have quite a few of them all listed out here if you feel like doing a few more this weekend. 

Kindness is the best accessory,

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