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August 12, 2015

Bellabeat LEAF Review – The Wearable Tech Girly Girls Have Been Waiting For

Bellabeat LEAF review - silver

A few weeks ago I did an unboxing for the Bellabeat LEAF, a wearable teach that tracks your steps, sleep times, provides breathing exercises, a vibrating smart alarm, along with some basic period tracking.

I unboxed this beautiful wearable tech a few weeks ago and now I’m here to share with you an in-depth review sharing my thoughts after using it daily.


What I love:

  1. It is just pretty. That’s honestly the main reason why I wanted this activity tracker over other kinds. The Bellabeat LEAF can be used as a pin, bracelet, or necklace.
  2. The step tracking motivates me to actually get up an move around more. On average I walk around 5,000 steps a day (based on my first week using the LEAF) and now almost everyday I’ve been able to get my steps to 7,000. Big improvement!
  3. The inactivity monitor reminds me to get up frequently, which is so important for people that work at home like me.
  4. I like that the steps don’t automatically sync to my app. I prefer to manually sync items like this so that I don’t get unnecessary exposure to radiation.

What can be improved:

  1. Increased stress tracking capabilities (not necessarily only in breathing) or less emphasis on the stress “features” as I thought it was a bit misleading.
  2. Changes in communication practices from business to consumer (more emails mainly).
  3. Ability to add in other activities, like swimming (I’ve been told this is already in the works).
  4. I believe there should be more options for the vibrating alarm as it often doesn’t wake me up.

I think at the pre-order price point ($119 for silver, $150 for gold and rose gold) it is comparable to other similar products. Especially with it’s versatile look. You can order it online at It is not currently in retail stores.

A few times over the past month I’ve actually gotten tired of wearing the same jewelry and on those days I’ve worn the LEAF on my bra. You can clip this cutie to any thin material.

What do you think? Does it measure up to other step trackers you’ve tried?

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June 15, 2015

#GetBendy by Elle Fit Active Review

Review of elle_fit's #GetBendy stretching guide.

My Instagram is filled with photos of strong and empowering women… and babies. I just tend to follow a lot of baby accounts.

Other than the hoards of baby accounts I follow, several of the empowering women I keep up with on Instagram have fitness accounts. Three of the fitness accounts I particularly love are @elle_fit, her business account @ellefitactive, and her sister Dana’s account @activewithd. Elle and Dana post daily fitness posts, manly centered around yoga. When I log onto Instagram every morning, they are the first accounts I check in with.

Since I admire these girls and their health journey so much, I jumped on board as soon as I was able and purchased Elle’s $14.95 #GetBendy stretching guide.

How to get more flexible!

Elle put together the #GetBendy stretching guide after she realized she was spending a good chunk of time answering questions about her flexibility on Instagram. Since this initial launch Elle and her sister have also released #GetSplit and a pregnancy/postpartum stretching guide.

The #GetBendy guide has 65 easy to follow stretching photos, aimed at improving overall body flexibility. The guide is a PDF that can be used on your computer or tablets, or it can be printed for easy access. I follow this guide at least twice a week. Depending on how long I hold the poses, I’m generally done with my stretch in 20 minutes (if I’m rushed) or 45 minutes (if I really get into it).

Is #GetBendy worth the money? Definitely.
Am I more bendy? Yes, though not as much as I could be.

I can tell that I would be a heck of a lot more flexible if I followed the guide more often. For those that really want to rock that forward fold, I’d recommend following #GetBendy daily. If you buy the guide and use it more sparingly like I have been then you will most likely only feel the benefits the day of.

After I complete a #GetBendy stretching session I feel calmer, more “wiggly” in my body, and generally less scrunched up. I spend most of my time at a computer so being less tense is amazing. I can only imagine how doing this routine daily would change the way my body feels.

 Do you want my be more bendy? Would a photo stretching guide help you? 

In My Journal on
April 8, 2015

Hello April, Hello Spring! What hopes may you bring?

Hello April, Hello Spring! What hopes may you bring?

Hi Kind Friends, welcome to the Spring season! I have high hopes for April.

This past March was both stressful and also rewarding. I got so much accomplished for the blog (have you noticed the more organized pages, category, and tag system?) and sent out many applications for what I hope will land me a fulfilling new job. Thankfully I also started a fitness regimen again and my energy and sleep levels have dramatically improved. I’m feeling healthier than ever. I know all of that hard work is going to bleed into this happier April month.

This April in particular I want to focus on a few things, like my creative writing (I’m participating in Camp NaNoWriMo!) and finishing up my wedding album. I’m adding a detailed description to each of my album pages so that I won’t forget a thing. Some of the little details are already fading so I need to get this done ASAP. I can’t believe Chris and I have been married for four months already. Small things I plan on for April are some pool sessions and figuring out my dry brushing routine. I just started using a dry brush in the morning and at night and can’t wait to see what results I’ll see from it in April.

To end this short journal entry, I have a little poem I wrote about the upcoming warmer seasons. I’d appreciate if you could also check out this poem on my Wattpad writing account and follow me there for more writing updates.

The Warmer Months by Rebecca Kelsey Sampson

Hello April!
Hello Spring!
What hopes may you bring?
Hello May,
To my dismay.
Are you here to stay?
Hello June!
Oh my cheerful bloom!
A warming tune, I’m sure.
This Spring brings my happiness,
I insist. I implore.

Hello July,
My faithful American fly!
Do you bring love with your warmth?
Hello August,
My comfy sun.
Is my tan bringing the fun?
Hello September,
Are you my last Summer adventure?
See you again, my dear old friend.

Did you do everything you wanted to do in March? Did my goals spark any ideas for what you’d like to accomplish in April? Let’s chat in the comment section.

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April 1, 2015

5 Easy Ways To De-Stress

5 Tips for Dealing with Stress

Hi Kind Friends!

As you know, I’m in a bit of a stressful situation right now. Being unemployed isn’t easy, even if you are lucky enough to have as supportive of a family as I do. To combat the stressors I’m feeling right now, I’ve added these five easy activities into my daily life.

A video sharing all five of my favorite stress relief tips:


5 Easy Ways to De-Stress:

  1. Add more fitness (especially cardio) into your daily routine. My current stretching and yoga routine is from
  2. Have some “me time.” Whatever it is that you like to do when there is extra time in the day, make it a priority to do no matter what. For me I like to do some all natural face masks, journaling, and reading.
  3. Spend at least five minutes with nature every day. Take your pet on a walk around the block!
  4. Take a nap. I always feel refreshed after my dreams take a wack at my problems.
  5. Cuddle or hug whoever is available. The power of touch is monumental. If no one is around, a fuzzy blanket paired with a Netflix marathon will do.

Let me know in the comments how you combat stress. Unexpectedly talking about how I combat stress felt very stress relieving!

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December 2, 2014

My Thanksgiving #TurkeyTrot 10K Adventure (Workout of the Day #5)

perkey turkey 2014

Hi Kind Friends!

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is to run my butt off. Well that’s a funny sentence! On 6 AM every Thanksgiving morning I wakeup and head over to Tropical Park in Miami, Florida for a #TurkeyTrot. Sponsored by Baptist Health thousands of men and women run 5k and 10k races (3 and 6 miles) in an effort to add some health to a day often associated with gluttony.

Since this will be my fourth year participating I wanted to challenge myself by signing up for the 10K instead of the 5K. Boy it certainly was a challenge! I haven’t run consistently since before the wedding (there simply wasn’t time) so I felt like I was going in blind. I do not recommend that! I felt very sore the following day and wish I had taken some time to train during the honeymoon.

I highly recommend you all start the holidays with fitness in mind, especially when so much food is involved. Overall it was an amazing experience and I hope to do the 10K again next year, just with more preparation.

Do you know of any Nochebuena or Christmas races? I think that would be fun as well and plan on looking that up for this year.

Outfit c/o Fabletics, with the exception of my awesome #PerkeyTurkey shirt that came with my registration.


In My Journal on
October 20, 2014

Workout of the Day #4: Mustache’s First Time at Run Club (10/15/14)

bring your dog to run club

Last week Mustache and I went on an adventure together, to the Kendall Rub Club at SoleRUNNERS. You may remember from previous posts and vlogs that I’ve been going to this run club on and off for a few months now. This time, I decided to take little Mustache and see how well he would do.

Boy, it was cute. He was practically giving himself a heart attack with how excited he was. Every time someone would pass him, he would feel motivated to move faster. Often he was pulling me to keep up with the other people in the group. I even turned around half way because I knew he was pushing himself too hard.

It was a great experience and I plan on bringing him every time I go to run club. Who knows, maybe in a few weeks he’ll be able to pace himself for the 3 miles?!

Outfit c/o Fabletics

Do you have a fitness partner?
In My Journal on
October 3, 2014

Workouts of the Day #3 (9/26/2014)

namaste puppy

Hi Kind Friends!

For a few weeks now I’ve been thinking about re-visiting the series idea I had last year – workouts of the day. I’m not sure why I stopped at only two but with my recent commitment to train for a 10K this year and then another half marathon next year (more info on the races I’ll be doing soon), I decided to start this series up again as a way to motivate my own fitness goals.

As a runner, you need to mix up your other workouts often. It’s important to not ONLY run as it can leave your body prone to injury.

workouts of the day #wotd

So here we have my first #wotd for 2014! Many more coming soon.

Outfit from: Fabletics (c/o) and Target

Disclaimer: These workout pictures were from last month. It’s actually pretty dark as I’m writing this so none of my pictures came out well enough to post. I plan, in general, on working out in the morning so that won’t be a problem for future posts. Also, I am not a fitness instructor. Proceed with your own workouts at your own risk.


This was a very challenging yoga flow, just because of the quickness of it. Tara tends to move quickly between moves. I think if it were a little slower I would have taken to it better.

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This four minute routine was TOUGH. I had to modify quite a lot.


This last stretch routine was a little awkward to watch. Why does it seem so sexual?! Either way I got a great stretch.

Disclaimer #2: I started this post on September 26th and never finished it! It’s now that start of October. Isn’t the new workouts of the day series going well? Ha!

What do you do at home to keep in shape? Or are you a gym girl?

Workouts of the Day #1 | #2

Let’s share some workout inspiration!