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May 7, 2015

I Have a Grey Hair! And No, I Won’t Pluck it or Dye It

Embrace your grey hair

To my horror (and hilarity) I found a grey hair last week. My initial reaction was complete shock. Me? Grey hair?! I’m only 25.

But hey, it happens. I’m going through a lot of stress at the moment and that has reflected on my body. I have inspected my hair quite a few times since this realization, gasping whenever I think I’ve found another grey hair only to have Chris tell me it’s just the lighting.

Then I came to make an empowering realization. When I first decided to just deal with the lines around my eyes it was because of the simple fact that not many people live long enough to have wrinkles. It’s disheartening to think of the young deaths around the world.

And my measly grey hair? It’s a sign of how hard I am working now to find a job. It’s my warrior mark. I should be proud of it.

So, I’m not going to pluck it out or dye it away. I’m going to embrace this first grey hair. I hope to one day look as fierce as the woman in the above picture.

Age is a privilege denied by many. I plan on celebrating this gift as often as possible.

Are you embracing any age marks?

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April 27, 2015

Goody Spin Pin Review

Goody Spin Pin Review

Whenever I’m around the house, I have my hair up in a bun. Not the cute messy top knot I wear when I want to look like I didn’t really try or the huge sock bun I wear when I’m feeling fancy. Just a normal bun to keep my hair out of my face while I’m cleaning and writing.

I was using just a normal creaseless hair tie to do my buns but recently when buying some new hair clips online I stumbled upon the Goody Spin Pin, an old trusty tool I used in college.

Immediately I knew I had to have it so I purchased a three-pack on Amazon. You know, just in case I lost one of them.

So to show off how amazing this creation is, I have a Good Spin Pin review to share with you.

Spin Pins are like the ultimate bobby pin. It has a unique spiral design that you twist clockwise into the hair to lock in your bun. You twist the pin counter clockwise to then release it from your bun. I’ve had my pins in all day without having to adjust them, so you can trust it to be sturdy. The Spin Pins come in both brunette or blonde so that it matches more hair types.

Each kit comes with two pins for optimum hold. I recommend girls with thin or short hair use only one pin, thick curly hair may need to use both pins. You are not supposed to lock the pins together when using both Spin Pins. Adding the pins to your hair takes less than ten seconds.

Goody Spin Pin on Thin Hair

The only bummer is that with my thin hair, you can generally see the end of the Spin Pin coming out from the end of my bun. I don’t particularly like how it looks when that happens so I don’t often wear my hair out with the Spin Pin on. If you have thick hair and thus a bigger bun size then that won’t be a problem.

How to use the Goody Spin Pin

So, did this review answer all of the questions you have about the Goody Spin Pin? 

If not, please tell me in the comments what else you’d like to know.

If you already own a Spin Pin, I’d also love to know what styles you’ve created with it. I’ve only tried buns but I feel like there is probably =
many unique ways to use it.

For more reviews, check out our Product Reviews page.


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March 26, 2015

How to Dye Your Hair Using Coffee

How to dye your hair using your morning coffee

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m excited to share with you a new DIY project. It has been too long! If you are happy to see a new beauty DIY from me, get really pumped up because there are many more in my editorial calendar for the next few months.

Even though we are jumping into Spring (it feels like Summer here in Miami, oh gosh it’s hot outside) I am actually feeling the urge to darken my hair. Since I am honestly freaked out by the chemicals in hair dye I’ve concocted a new hair DIY to darken my hair using coffee.

Just in case you don’t want to darken your hair: DIY Red Color Depositing Conditioner | How to Lighten Your Hair with Honey

Video tutorial:



  1. Conditioner
  2. A few tablespoons of brewed coffee
  3. Optional: Cinnamon (if you want to add a little extra red tones)
  4. Container and mixing utensil


  1. Make some coffee for yourself and save a few tablespoons for your mixture
  2. Add conditioner into your container (enough to last you a week or two)
  3. Mix in one tablespoon of coffee at a time into the conditioner until you get a smooth consistency with a caramel color
  4. Optional: Add half a tablespoon of cinnamon
  5. Store in the fridge for no more than two weeks as the coffee can create mold

DIY hair dye using coffee

Now how do you dye your hair with coffee? Use this conditioner recipe regularly. I like to jumpstart it by wearing it for an hour or so the first time and then using it in place of a normal conditioner every time I wash my hair afterward. This process will take some time but if dying your hair without the use of chemicals is important to you (or you would just rather not spend the money for a professional treatment), you’ve got to try this.

My progress after one week (using my default picture as a before shot):

One week coffee hair dye progress

What DIY recipe would you like me to do next? Will you be trying this DIY?

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I’m really excited about the new content coming to and the new focus I’m bringing to it. I just know you are going to love it.

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March 10, 2015

I Went Five Days Without Washing My Hair – Kim Kardashian’s Hair Routine

This blogger tried keeping up with Kim's hair routine for five days.

Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you a little hair experiment, based on the recent news that Kim Kardashian actually only washes her hair every five days. I found that to be fascinating and wanted to give it a try.

According to an article written on Into The Gloss – this is Kim Kardashian’s routine.

Day 1: Wash your hair and get a blow out
Day 2: Embrace a messy texture
Day 3: Sleek straight hair
Day 4: Sleek ponytail
Day 5: Wash and repeat routine

As you all know, I’m pretty into not washing my hair. I haven’t used shampoo regularly since 2011! I currently conditioner-only wash my hair (AKA co-washing or going no-poo), so that’s what I’ll be doing on the “wash days.” Other than on these experiment days, I generally co-wash my hair on a M/W/F schedule so seeing if I can take my hair from three days to five seems like fun.

-The Experiment-


This blogger tried Kim Kardashian's hair washing routine for five days, click to see her results.

Day 1: I started the day co-washing my hair with Alba Botanicals Body Builder Mango Conditioner and using my Macadamia Healing Oil Spray as a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant. I let my hair air dry in a bun and then blew dry my hair afterwards (to reduce heat damage). I am not the most skilled at blow outs but I was pretty proud of how this ended up looking.

Kim Kardashian washes her hair every five days - and I gave it a shot.

Day 2: Without fail, whenever I blow dry my hair I lose volume the second day. To combat the flatness a bit I turned my head upside down and sprayed dry shampoo and hair spray. Then to make my hair messy chic, I sprayed OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray and worked Wen Texture Balm on some of the strands framing my face. Throughout the day I alternated between having my hair down and in a messy bun to, again, try and keep the volume from falling. I suspect Kim does flat iron waves for her second day routine but I didn’t want to add to the heat styling this week.

This blogger tried Kim Kardashian's hair washing routine for five days, click to see her results.

Day 3: To get my hair back to smooth wasn’t easy after the second day. I started to prep the style the night before by brushing out my hair and sleeping in the Conair Top Knot Kit (to help smooth out the strands). That worked really well since the next day I only needed to straighten near the bang area and add some dry shampoo. I left the curls at the end of my hair alone since I think it gave my hair more life, I don’t think I could have pulled off pin straight hair with the amount of product buildup I was experiencing. I like how my hair appeared in the picture but the strands themselves felt thick in an uncomfortable way. I avoided touching my hair as much as possible.

This blogger tried Kim Kardashian's hair washing routine for five days, click to see her results.

Day 4: My hair feels really gross today. I’m glad it’s in a hair tie. But hey, smile for the camera! Kim usually rocks a sleek middle part with a mid-length pony but that just does not look good on my face.

Kim Kardashian washes her hair every five days, this blogger gave her routine a try.

Day 5: And here is how I looked throughout the week. Excuse my sleep eyes in the last photo, it was taken at 8 AM right before I showered and followed my usual 10 minute curly hair routine.

-Overall Thoughts-


Washing your hair less often is better for the environment because the less shampoo/conditioner you use the longer it’ll take to finish products and add them to landfills. It’s also good for the water supply since you’ll take less time in the shower in between washings. Possible environment downsides would be using more aerosol dry shampoo sprays. With some time, I think my hair can get used to only being washed every fifth day and in turn produce less oil – hopefully lessoning the need for dry shampoo. Hair is pretty adaptable.

I think some pitfalls with this routine (at least for me personally) include the order of the hairstyles. I understand the logic of waiting to have more oil in the hair before doing overly sleek styles (to help protect the hair) but I also think the products needed to texturize the hair on day 2 will lead to the hair being more heat damaged when it’s straightened the next day or so. If I were to try this experiment again I would probably use braids and buns the first two days and only heat style on day three or four because my hair felt really weighed down with products in the later half of this routine. Or maybe sleep in braids on day one so I’d only need one product to get my hair messy on day two.

I’d encourage giving this experiment a try, especially for dry hair textures that shouldn’t be washed that often anyway.

Would you ever consider going so long without washing your hair? What’s the longest you’ve been without a hair rinse?

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{First Kim K. Image}

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March 6, 2015

My Easy 10-Minute Curly Hair Routine

Hi Kind Friends!

Today I am happy to present to you a no-fuss curly hair routine. Watch the above video to find out my styling techniques. I hope it helps you streamline your routine because I know having only a 10 minute routine for my hair has been a lifesaver.


Before we get started, I recommend reading/watching this video: Why I Don’t Use Shampoo. I’ve been shampoo-free for a few years now and my hair has significantly less frizz.

How to style curly hair in ten minutes!

My curly routine:

  1. After co-washing my hair in the shower with the Alba Botanicals Body Builder Mango Conditioner, I brush my hair and let it air dry. Once it’s mostly dry I let it sit in a bun until I’m ready to style it. The bun gives my hair more body.
  2. For a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant I use the Macadamia Healing Oil Spray. For people following the co-washing method I would actually recommend not using the Macadamia brand since they have silicones in their products (leading to product build up in your hair) but I still use the brand because my husband loves how it makes my hair smell, ha! So since I use silicone products I do have to de-gunk my hair every few months with exfoliating treatments. If you are using a regular shampoo, than you shouldn’t have problems with silicone build up.
  3. To heat style I use the Conair You Wrap and Wave Styler. I love my natural curls but as the day goes on they tend to fall flat so that’s why I emphasize a few pieces of hair using the Conair wand. It gives a beautiful natural look.
  4. Then to add some texture to my hair I use my favorite product, the Organix/OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray and then I scrunch it.
  5. Lastly, I apply a hair spray from theBalm and put my hair half up.

Heatless Option: On days where I want to give my hair a break from heat, I’ll use just the Moroccan Sea Salt Spray and the Healing Oil Spray and then have my hair sit in a few small buns before letting it out. It takes longer and the style doesn’t stay as long but it does give a similar result.

On second day hair I follow the heatless option, just with a little of Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Dry Shampoo. On the third day hair I generally wear my Voluminous Messy Bun for Thin Hair.

What are your go-to styling products? What about your favorite conditioner? I’d love to check out your recommendations.

Keep up with all posts (and shenanigans) here:

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October 28, 2014

Conair Top Bun Kit Review

goody top bun

Hi Kind Friends! Today I am sharing with you a review of the Conair Bun Maker, AKA a top bun kit. I purchased this at Target for $4.19, plus 5% off with my Red Card discount.

For a heck of a long time I’ve been using sock buns… As much as I love the fact that I can use an old unmatched sock in my hair to give me a more voluminous bun for free, I wanted an actual bun maker that would match my hair. There is something weird about knowing there is a sock in your hair.

bun maker review conair

conair bun maker review top knot

The bun maker kit comes with four wide bun pins, a bun “donut”, and a hair tie. The instructions on the back recommend putting up your hair, putting the donut through the hair, moving the hair around the donut, and then pinning the excess hair around the donut.

HATE that method.

I don’t know why more instruction manuals for buns don’t talk about the “tuck and roll” for buns. Check out my previous bun video below for how to tuck and roll your hair into the donut. It makes for a much more voluminous and secure bun. Then I’d add two of the pins.


As for the donut bun itself, I love it! It has a textured feel that grabs onto the hair, helping said hairs stay in place. This bun maker is very easy to use and worth the $4 price. I kept my bun in for a full eight hour work day without a single problem.

Thank goodness for these bun kits!

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What is your go-to hairstyle?
In Fashion on
October 24, 2014

Get Ready with Me: Sailor Jupiter Halloween Costume


Hi Kind Friends! Today I’m sharing with you a fun Get Ready with Me video for my Sailor Jupiter costume. I was Sailor Jupiter in 2012 and I just had to bring out the costume again since Sailor Moon Crystal premiered this year.


Makeup products used:

-Eyeshadows from The Naked Palette by Urban Decay and Meet Matt(e) Nude by theBalm (c/o).
-Nude eyeliner and mascara by tarte cosmetics
-Pink blush (used under the eyes) is the Happy Blush by Physician’s Formula (c/o)
-Blush by mark. cosmetics

I also went with my hair down this year. In 2012 I wore it with my hair up like this:

rebecca kelsey halloween

For a more detailed tutorial on how to be Sailor Jupiter, check out this article I wrote on omghow: How to be Sailor Jupiter for Halloween

[My last video, just in case you missed it: The Tales of Beedle the Bard review]

What is your costume this year?