July 7, 2012

We’re {Eventually} Getting Married!

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson's DIY Inexpensive Wedding

Chris and I started dating in 2005 when I was 15 and he was 17 (he turned 18 less than a week later). We got engaged in November of 2010 but decided to have a long engagement because of our age and financial situation.

The wait is finally over.

Now we are no longer {eventually} getting married, we actually got married on November 16, 2014.

Below you will find a compendium of all I’ve shared of our special day, what led up to it, and our honeymoon afterward.




How We Met
Our Relationship Advice and Engagement Story

Details from our special day:

My $200 Wedding Dress Story
How to Pick Mismatched Bridesmaids Dresses (Post coming soon)
My Wedding Day Makeup Tutorial
How I Planned My Wedding
How to Plan Your Wedding for Under $10,000 (Exclusive post for VisiHow)
Our Wedding Albulm

Wedding events and DIYs:
Our Coed Bridal Shower
My Bachelorette Party
DIY Bachelorette Crown
Our Engagement Photo Previews
Bridal Makeup Longevity Test
The Rehearsal Dinner

Our Orlando, FL honeymoon:
Day 1: Exploring Epcot and Chris Singing Opera
Day 2: Our Most Romantic Night
Day 3: Frozen Sing-A-Long (I’m Crazy)
Day 4: Hotel Room Tours and Mini Golf
Day 5: Exploring Diagon Alley
Day 6 & 7: Going Home

Why I Changed My Wedding Ring (Post coming soon)

2014 posts:
Visiting Wedding Locations (vlog)
Finding Bridesmaids Dresses and my Wedding Dress (vlog)
Booking the Wedding (vlog)
We’ve Set The Date!
My Pre-wedding Skincare
10,000 Subscribers Giveaway and Wedding Chat
6 Wedding Traditions and Keepsakes I’m Skipping to Keep Costs Down
A Lot of Ducks and a Wedding Cake (vlog)
Picking Floral Arrangements (vlog)
Wedding Shower (vlog)
Ring Shopping (vlog)

2013 posts:
My Wedding Ring (vlog)
My Wedding Ring (picture post)
We’re moving! (Announcement! One step closet to getting married)
We’ve Moved In! (Check out our first home)

2012 posts:
Just {Someday} Married: Wedding Update #1
Shiny Rings & Pretty Things: Wedding Update #2
My First Wedding Vlog (About my dress, party favors, and decorations)
A Charity Wedding Wish (Guest blog on girl-karma)